New Era Fuels UK Ltd

New Era is the UK’s leading supplier of Red Diesel (Gas Oil), Kerosene and Lubricants
New Era has been supplying fuels and lubricants for commercial, industrial and agricultural use for over 90 years. Their range of products and commitment to local and national delivery means you get the oils you need, when you need them, wherever you need them.
New Era supplies Red Diesel (Gas Oil) and Kerosene at competitive prices for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. For the UK's most competitive red diesel prices in London and Essex, contact New Era today.
It is their commitment to delivery that sets New Era apart. They offer local and national same day, next day and even emergency on-site delivery of gas oil and oil lubricants, even to difficult access sites.
Depending on size, New Era can supply your order using 200 litre drums or through their fleet of mini and specially adapted multi-compartment road tankers for bulk delivery. For national deliveries, New Era will ensure strategic partners deliver on-site to your exact requirements.
Oil Lubricant Suppliers: 95 years in the oil business means New Era has real expertise when it comes to supplying oil lubricants and industrial oils. Whatever your needs, as a leading lubricant supplier – They can find the correct, cost-effective product for you.
New Era carries a wide range of products in stock, or quickly sourced from major suppliers, including: Automotive Oils, Engine Oils, Commercial Vehicle Oils, Plant & Machinery Oils, Industrial Lubricants
Products can be delivered in package sizes to suit your requirements, whether bulk tanker deliveries, 205 litre drums or 25 litre containers. Specialist low volumes for oil lubricants and gas oil can also be provided in smaller packs





Services and Products

Services Offered:

Oil Delivery, Fuel Delivery, Oil Distribution, Fuel Distribution, Gas Oil Delivery, Kerosene Delivery


Products Offered: Gas Oil, Red Diesel, Kerosene, Engine Oil, Agricultural Oil, Industrial Oil


Brands Offered: PETRONAS, 77 Lubricants, New Era Oil, New Era Lubricants

Services and Products

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