Newport Spectra-Physics Ltd


We offer world-class multiphoton microscopy solutions. Multiphoton microscopy uses a high-focused laser beam scannng in a raster formation to produce images. Because it has no pinhole apertures, they generate images providing an optical sectioning effect.

The laser product series we use includes the Tsunami Ultrafast Lasers to provide the highest power level of oscillation. We also use the Mai Tai One Box Turnable Ultrafast Laser to offer high power for deep penetration and strong signal.


We supply Spirit High Rep Rate Ultrafast Amplifiers designed to be compact and are completely automated and controlled through a computer.   The amplifiers have a ragged design to improve durability and reliability, and have an adjustable repetition rate and high average power.

Wavelength Extender

Our SGC-02 Wavelength Extender is designed precisely for solutions and use with the generation of supercontinium, femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers.

This wavelength extender is ideal for use with the Tsunami® or MaiTai® ultrafast oscillator.

Optical Power Meter

Our optical power meter is the new model 1830-R. It is an entirely redesigned optical meter and has many of the previous functions that the legendary 1839-C model possessed.

It is the ultimate optical power meter replacement and can also be the best choice for use in fibre optic component manufacturing and testing.

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