Niko Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Helm Hellas SA, leading European manufactures of lifting equipment, overhead conveyors and sliding door track since 1972. The group headquarters is based in Greece with other subsidiaries in Germany and Austria. Through distributors and agents Niko has presence in most European countries, Northern Africa, Australasia and North America.

Since opening in 1999 Niko Ltd UK have grown to establish themselves as a leading UK supplier to both trade and end users markets. Niko are proud to have technical engineers with over 25 year’s industry experience.

Located in the Midlands Niko Ltd has easy access to the whole of the UK, which is ideal for deliveries and site visits. There is a showroom facility at the Midlands site showing a vast range of Niko Ltd products some of which include:

  • Lightweight Overhead Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Overhead Conveyors
  • Festoon Cable Supply Systems
  • Enclosed Bus Bar
  • Chain Hoists

The Niko Ltd product consists of a range of profile track sections, support fittings and carrier trolleys. These components can be assembled to produce a large range of modular design products, which can be used for many applications that the Niko Ltd product can be used to facilitate, some examples include:

  • Timber roof truss lifting
  • Fall arrest safety track for high ropes courses
  • Man riding sky glide track for soft play areas
  • Overhead conveyors for paint line
  • Tracking system for stable partitions
  • Dipping systems for surface treatment of materials
  • Sliding doors for aircraft hangers
  • Power supply for industrial machinery
  • Sliding curtains for trucks
  • Tool suspension for automotive industry
  • Lifting and handling for water treatment industry
  • Overhead tracking for sliding curtains
  • Overhead conveyors for meat handling
  • Tracking system for installing cladding to a building
  • Material handling for tyre remoulding industry
  • Sliding door gear for agricultural industry
  • Lightweight overhead cranes for distribution and warehouse facilities
  • Tracking for sliding cricket nets

Light Cranes

Niko Ltd are crane manufactures who's lightweight overhead crane provides a versatile solution to conventional I-Beam crane systems.

  • Very low headroom
  • Lifting loads up to 2000kg
  • Manual crane or electric crane operation
  • Robust construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Modular design
  • Simple installation
  • Easy and free running in operation
  • Accurate load positioning
  • Long life and durability

Lightweight overhead cranes supplied by Niko Ltd can be:

  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Freestanding
Light Cranes

Jib Cranes

Niko Ltd manufacture and supply a wide range of jib cranes for a wide range of lifting applications.  Our standard types of jib cranes are:

  • Over-Braced Track Profile Jib Crane
  • Under-Braced I-Beam Jib Crane
  • Over-Braced I-Beam Jib Crane
  • Articulated Jib Crane

Normally our jib cranes can be configured as follows:

  • Freestanding Jib Cranes
  • Column Mounted Jib Cranes
  • Wall Mounted Jib Cranes
Jib Cranes

Manual Overhead Conveyors

The advantages of the Niko manual overhead conveyor and monorail systems are:

  • Standard components that are easily adaptable to your own requirements
  • Simple to design
  • Easy to install
  • Economical
  • Wide range of overhead conveyor track sizes and components
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Very free running in operation

Modular Design - The Niko manual overhead conveyors are designed to suit any existing working environment and they can be changed or extended at a later date, should production requirements change. The modular nature makes them ideal for jobbing powder-coating lines.

Environmentally Friendly - these manual overhead conveyors have low carbon footprint with the automated parts using minimal power and the manual parts using none at all.

Storage Space Utilised - Automatic switches change the manual overhead conveyor from a single track to side shifting dual tracks and allow flight bars to be grouped together and utilise storage space.

Accurate, Repeatable Load Positioning - The tapered edges of the Niko profile track ensure that the load carrying trolleys run smoothly, meaning accurate, repetitive load positioning can be achieved throughout the whole manual overhead conveyor.

Integration with Lifting Equipment - The Niko manual overhead conveyor is designed to seamlessly integrate with Niko lightweight overhead cranes and lifting equipment through latching and transfer devices. This reduces the need for manual lifting where an overhead conveyor is loaded and unloaded.

Manual Overhead Conveyors

Festoon Cable System

The Niko Ltd Festoon Cable Systems are:

  • Simple to install
  • Economical
  • Free running in operation
  • High Safety Factor
  • Minimal Maintenance

There are a range of Niko profile track sizes to suit both light duty and heavy duty applications.

Typically used for:

  • Cable carrying
  • Air hose carrying
  • Power supply for overhead crane
  • Power feed for moving industrial machinery

Niko Ltd also supply:

  • 2-wheel I-beam cable trolleys
  • 4-wheel I-beam cable trolleys
  • I-beam cable clamps
  • Diamond track festoon systems
Festoon Cable System

Enclosed Conductor Bar

Niko Ltd NCL enclosed conductor bar is an ideal for power supply to overhead cranes, electric chain hoists, travelling machine beds, free standing Goliath cranes and moving industrial machinery.

NCL Current range - 64amp, 78amp, 100amp, 140amp & 200amp.

NCL Poles - Standard NCL enclosed bus bar systems have 4 poles, but they can be easily increased up to 7 poles.

NCL Power supply feed - NCL enclosed bus bar systems can be fed from either end or between depending on the location of the source power supply.

NCL Bends - Bends are designed and built to order with a 800mm minimum radius.

NCL Funnels - NCL enclosed bus bar systems can be fitted with funnels at exits and entries, allowing localised power feeding. This makes a very cost effective solution to supplying systems with bends and switches.

NCL Finish - NCL track has a PVC coating, however alternative systems are available with steel and aluminium casing.

Enclosed Conductor Bar

Crane Cable & Glands

Niko Ltd stock and supply the following types of crane cables and accessories. 

  • H07VVH6-F PVC Flat Cable
  • Boitalyon Pendant Cable
  • Flat Cable Glands
  • YY PVC Round Cable
  • H07RN-F Neoprene Rubber Cable
Crane Cable & Glands

Industrial Sliding Door Track

Niko Ltd industrial sliding door track is an ideal solution for heavy duty applications such as:

  • Aircraft hangar sliding door
  • Agricultural building sliding door
  • Industrial warehouse unit sliding door
  • Sliding door for ovens
  • Factory sliding door

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Industrial Sliding Door Track

Folding Sliding Door Track

Folding sliding door track provides a space effective solution for sliding doors, ideal for the following applications:

  • Industrial warehouse unit folding sliding door
  • Patio folding sliding door
  • Partition folding sliding door
  • Factory folding sliding door
  • Workshop folding sliding door

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Folding Sliding Door Track

Sliding Curtain Track

The lightweight range of Niko Ltd sliding door track is ideal for sliding curtain applications:

  • PVC strip sliding curtains
  • Sliding curtains for trucks
  • Sliding cricket nets
  • Partitioning with sliding curtains
  • Theatre sliding curtains
  • Sliding curtains in industrial units
Sliding Curtain Track

Internal Sliding Door Track

Lightweight Niko Ltd track and fittings provide ideal solutions for many residential sliding door situations: 

  • Sliding door track for cupboards and wardrobes
  • Portioning sliding doors and walls between rooms
  • Patio folding sliding door track
  • Sliding door track for garage doors

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Internal Sliding Door Track

Sliding Partition Track

Niko sliding door track can be used to create residential sliding partition systems and industrial sliding partition systems:

  • Sliding partitions for segmenting work areas
  • Movable walls
  • Sliding partitions for dividing rooms
Sliding Partition Track

Fall Arrest Track

Niko Ltd fall arrest track system provides fall protection for people working at height.

Types of system

  • Single rail fall arrest track system
  • Double rail arrest track system
  • Bridge crane fall arrest track system


  • Aircraft service and maintenance
  • Safety track for high ropes courses
  • Coach and Truck service and maintenance
  • Sky glide track for soft play areas
  • Train service and maintenance
Fall Arrest Track

Scaffolding Runway System

The Scaffolding Runway System is unique to Niko Ltd and provides a solution for lifting and moving loads throughout a scaffolding support structure:

  • The scaffolding runway system connects directly to scaffolding poles.
  • It enables the movement of heavy items around a scaffolding structure.
  • Manual and electric hoists can be used in conjunction with the scaffolding runway facilitate lifting.
  • Its modular design incorporates straight lengths, curves and switches so that it can be designed to accommodate a wide range of applications.
  • All scaffolding runway system components conform to Niko Ltd quality systems and specification as detailed in the C1 conveyor systems brochure.
  • Some 25 series components have been approved to EN795 for fall arrest applications (seek technical advice before using the scaffolding runway system for this application).
Scaffolding Runway System

Tool Suspension Systems

Lightweight Niko track profiles can be utilised for tool suspension applications.

  • Niko track is ideal for suspending tools and can carry loads up to 1600kg.
  • They can be used in conjunction with a tool balancer, air balancer, spring balancer, hoists or any other tool suspension equipment.
  • Customised tool suspension systems can be designed to suit single tool suspension up to full production line workstations.

Types of tool suspension systems

  • Overhead tool suspension track
  • Freestanding tool suspension overhead crane
  • Ceiling mounted tool suspension overhead crane
  • Freestanding tool suspension jib crane
  • Wall mounted tool suspension jib crane
  • Column mounted tool suspension jib crane
  • Bench mounted tool suspension jib crane
  • Bespoke design tool suspension systems

Tool balancers

  • Tool weight reduced to zero
  • Reduce repetitive strain injuries
  • Improve the life span of the tool
  • 0.4kg to 180kg tool weight
  • Up to 3m stroke lengths
Tool Suspension Systems

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