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At Nilorn UK Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a "Development Hub" for both brand owners and garment manufacturers alike. Adding value to brands via woven labels, printed tickets, packaging, accessories and fashion branding.

Being located in all major garment manufacturing areas of the world, Nilorn UK Ltd can offer complete design, production, sourcing and Logistic solutions, resulting in short lead times and quick delivery to our customers, no matter where they or their production is based. 

Swing Tickets

Our printed swing tickets and hand tags are the best way of enhancing your brand and truly reflect the changing trends and progression of fashion.

Our highly qualified and experienced internal design team produce swing tickets to suit any requirement. The possibility for swing ticket design is endless regarding shape, size and material and we ensure all our products are produced to a high standard in order to reflect the quality garments they will be helping to brand.

Woven Labels

The woven label is a small, often overlooked label but it is a must have label for any garment and should not be taken for granted.

Woven labels are essential for any fashion brand and we have set about developing and innovating this humble label. This has resulted in a range of high quality woven labels in a diversity of textures and finishes.


Not only do we produce a range of innovative, high quality labels and tickets we also spend time researching and developing products beyond garments. Our packaging design is one such example of this. We provide exceptional packaging solutions like branded boxes, cartons, poly bags, and paper bags.


Our range of trims includes eyelets, PVC moulded badges, buttons, zip pulls, buckles, and rivets. Trims are another example of us developing products outside of the sphere of woven and printed items. We can manufacture any trim as a bespoke item, giving your garments a unique, customised quality to help enhance and add value to your brand.

Care Labels

We produce necessary care labels incorporating wash-care information for a range of garments. We provide on-site thermal and rotary print production in order to save money and time. This process also gives greater versatility and combined with our online ordering system offers an efficient, second to none care label service. 

Variable Data

We understand some labelling requirements involve fast turnaround and a variety of changes such as price, colour and size. Using variable data printing this information can be expertly included on swing tickets, adhesive labels and fabric care labels.

Variable data printing is carried out in our thermal printing facilities located at one of our national or international locations.

Security and Anti-Counterfeit

We understand fashion brands are proud of their logos and products so we always aim to protect their interests and integrity. Therefore we develop and produce a range of security and anti-counterfeit labels in order to provide a variety of security options.

Security and anti-counterfeit labels have included innovative techniques such as UV yarns, UV print, holographic yarns, coding, watermarks, QR codes, and sequential numbering. We can also apply radio frequency to all your products. 


If you have a particular requirement or request then contact us and find out how our design team can help you with designing product branding, labels, swing tickets, trims, and packaging.

We are always looking for new challenges and the chance to develop so even if the above information does not fit with your requirement still contact us and we will be happy to help with your enquiry. We have a worldwide presence, multilingual team and an exceptional network of sourcing experts.

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