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Paint speaker box is a very professional speak in pro audio market. Our pro paint speaker box is very good. and we specialize in it for a long time. No matter the paint cover & cabinet built and the sound. Both is very professional and good. Hope you can try our professional paint speaker box. we have a full range paint wooden speaker line as below:

1. 6'' & 8'' Full Range Speaker as monitor or satellite speaker box

2. 10'' /12'' /15''  dual 12'' / dual 15'' Full Range Speaker System

3. 12'' / 15'' / 18'' / dual 15'' / dual 18'' Subwoofer

Powered Molded Combo Speaker

Powered Molded Combo Speaker

10'' Portable PA Speaker system PPSA-10 is very popular pa / dj speaker system in audio market.  You can see this portable speaker in many band , music meeting.
The plastic speaker is similar as JBL speaker. good quality with competitive price. There is 2 inch voice coil and 40oz magent inside.So this portable plastic PA speaker can handle RMS 200w.


Powered Molded Combo Speaker

Audio mixer

We start the Audio mixer production as 6 years ago with our knowledge and design. Now we develop very fast and solve many electronic problem during this time. Right now we can tell you our mixer . No matter the dj mixer , audio mixer or powered mixer. Our quality is very good. So if you are looking for one of them ( dj mixer, audio mixer , powered mixer ). Langsun audio will be your best choice.

Audio mixer
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