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We specialise in surface finishing. Our surface finishing is suited to a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, ceramics, rubber, glass and plastic composites.

We specialise in flat lapping, flat grinding and polishing and provide a variety of precision surface finishes, ranging from 1.6µmRa - 0.05µmRa.

Flat Lapping

We provide comprehensive flat lapping solutions. We use the flat lapping process to hold tight tolerances. It is used as a ‘first off’ from the initial component moulding and castings. This will give a datum for more conventional machining. Our flat lapping process is also used for intermediate or finishing processes.

Our skilled machine operators work a wide range of both single and double-sided lapping machines, enabling us to process a variety of materials ensuring flatness and parallelism of both faces and size variations per batch within 5 microns.

Cylinder Head Lapping

We provide a competitive cylinder head lapping service on cylinder heads, to ensure minimum stock removal.

Our cylinder head lapping service is superior to milling, especially on cylinder heads with steel inserts. One advantage is they eliminate tool ‘bounce’. We process cylinder heads from garden machinery, mopeds, cars, commercial lorries and buses, up to 6 cylinders.

Flat Grinding

We provide flat grinding with our continuous production throughput machines. This allows us to remove material quicker than lapping and enables grinding of large volumes to consistent statistical control checks.

When a tolerance is too exact for grinding, we have the facilities to lap after grinding, thus giving a quick stock removal and a good finish within a tolerance. Our specialist flat grinding process is ideal for larger production batches although smaller batches can be accommodated.


Our polishing process follows on from the lapping process. Polishing further enhances the final finish for mechanical and cosmetic purposes, to meet specific customer requirements.

If needed, we can give a range of surface finishes or produce a mirror finish 0.05µmRa or better.

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