Noel Yates t/as PRN Computing


PRN Computing (established 1986) offers a full web and database application development service to small and medium-sized organisations, using the Microsoft .NET platform and a range of database back ends.

* Database and management systems, design and development.
* Data-driven web site design and development.
* Consultancy.
* Advantage Database Server specialist.
* Broad commercial experience.
* Particularly strong in dealing with clients and users.
* On parle français.
* You can engage me for short or long term projects, or ad hoc. 

Tools and technologies

* Database design/OO methodologies/the UML.
* ASP.NET (VB and C#).
* MS SQL Server 200x
* Advantage Database Server.

* Conversion of legacy applications written in  CA-Clipper 5.x.

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