Nor-Cal UK Ltd

Here at Nor-Cal UK Ltd, we specialise in the supply of throttle valves in a wide assortment of sizes and flange types. We offer standard compact and low cost direct drives as well as more powerful geared drives on larger diameter valves.

Our throttle valves use proven and reliable off-the-shelf stepper motors to deliver smooth operation, high actuation speed and ultra-fine position resolution.

The throttle valves can be combined with an Intellisys controller toenable vacuum systems to reach process pressures sooner, reducing cycle time and increasing throughput. The controllers include user interfaces such as a local touch screen LCD and remote Analog/TTL, RS-232, RS-485, DeviceNet and Ethernet communications.

Vacuum Isolation Valves

For over 50 years, we have been a premier supplier of high quality vacuum isolation valves to suit your application demands and requirements. Our vacuum isolation valves offer outstanding performance in the most demanding applications such as semiconductor and compound semiconductor processing to UHV research.

Flanges and Fittings

We manufacture a wide range of adaptors, flanges and fittings for vacuum applications. Our flanges and fittings include NW (KF), ISO, CF, ASA, wire seal and chain clamp style to suit almost every application. We will provide custom flanges upon request.

We are experts in manufacturing components from 304 or 316 stainless steel and aluminum. We manufacture centering rings, gaskets, clamps, bolts and other hardware components to enable you to complete your project. We have a vast stock to allow us to provide prompt deliveries and to meet unexpected demands.

Heater Jackets

We stock a full range of heater jackets, controllers and accessories to handle the most demanding of applications. We supply heater jackets to enable you to heat your vacuum lines and reduces build-up of semiconductor process by-products in valves and other exhaust line components. We supply uniform line heating to minimise condensation and particle build-up in gas delivery and pump lines.

Foreline Traps

Since 1962, we have designed and built standard and custom foreline traps for the vacuum industry. Our foreline traps range in complexity from sealed coaxial traps, to prevent oil backstreaming, to triple-pass water cooled traps, to remove condensable gasses. Our traps have been designed to disassemble easily using a Viton® O-ring and V-clamp. The two piece body design allows for easy removal for cleaning or replacement. Our traps are supplied in a standard beadblast finish and an electropolish finish is available on request.

Nor-Cal UK Ltd Overview