Norsekem Ltd

Norsekem manufacture and distribute a wide range of mould oil, chemical release agent and other systems for releasing concrete from various types of mould surfaces. Our mould oils and release agents can be used In-Situ, as well in Pre-Cast Factories and in tunnelling. Conscious of our environment we can also offer sustainable and green as well as water based products, please look out for the “green leaf “ and “ water droplet” icons denoting those products.

Concrete Retarders

Norsekem manufacture and distribute a range of Concrete Surface Retarder that allow the production of an exposed aggregate finish to acts as key for subsequent concrete pours. The negates the need for scabbling of the concrete with its associated vibration risks. Can be used on site or in Pre-cast factories. Products are water based and are safer for operatives than solvent based systems.

Formwork Treatments

Norsekem offer a complete range of Formwork Treatments, Sealers and protectors. Formwork Repair kits

Mould Oil

Norsekem offer a full range of Mould oils for concrete, including waterbased and enviromentally friendly ranges.

Chemical Release Oil

Norsekem manufacture and offer a full range of Chemical release products.

We are also able to offer a biodegradable range which are environmentally friendly renewable from a renewable source.

Concrete Pump Primer

Norsekem are the Sole UK agent for LeycoChem Leyde GmbH and supply from stock the market leading ZETOLAN MEK plant protector and barrier oil range, ZE-KA-FIX and BETONAC-FIX speciality concrete removers and LEYCO-SLICK concrete pump primer along with associated application equipment.

Curing Compound

Norsekem range of curing compunds include Soldium silicates, 90% efficient resin based and waterbased systems.

Concrete Sealer

Norsekem range of concrete sealing and hardening products range from solvent borne, clear acrylic polymers, aquueous solution of sodium silicate and water based fluorochemical sealers ideal for use on stone, concrete and brick.

Norsekem Ltd Overview