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Northvale Korting Ltd design develop and manufacture a selection of diaphragm-operated Control Valves.

Control Valves are typically used in process applications to control the flow of temperature, pressure or volume. Change is achieved by the opening and closing of the Control Valve.

We have been manufacturing Control Valves for over 25 years and strive to achieve the perfect product by carrying out constant product reviews.

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Norval Check Valves

Norval Check Valves are used to maintain one direction of flow to prevent the damage to pipe work or the contamination of fluids.

Our Norval Check Valves are of a lightweight construction, require no maintenance, are easy to install and are completely silent in their operation.

Advantages specific to our Norval Check Valves include:

  • They are extremely simple
  • They can operate in any direction
  • They are made of 316 stainless steel
  • They slam shut under reverse flow making them less noisy
  • and They can be incorporated in any pre-existing configurations.

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Norval Check Valves

Minimatic Control Valves

We manufacture a wide range of Minimatic Control Valves for gas or steam applications. We provide 2 way and 3way body configurations of Minimatic Control Valves and have a comprehensive selection for product ranges.

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Minimatic Control Valves

Angle Valves

Northvale Korting Ltd stock a vast array of 2-way Pneumatically actuated Angle Valves.

We have designed and manufactured them to be the perfect Angle Valve for numerous applications.

Angle Valves can operate with high viscosity media and high temperature. They also allow for high flow rates making them ideal for many applications, including:

  • Autoclaves
  • Cooling
  • Air drying Equipment
  • Ink mixing
  • Paint mixing
  • Pre-heating
  • and much more.
Angle Valves

Tilting Disc Check Valves

Northvale Korting Ltd produce an unique form of Tilting Disc Check Valves.

Our Tilting Disc Check Valves have a compact and lightweight body which meets most international pressure rating standards.

Our Tilting Disc Check Valves have a special designed discs that combats 'disc flutter,' a common fault with traditional designs. They are lightweight and have maximum strength and rigidity.

The Stub Shafts of our design are positioned to give maximum strength with minimal clearance between the body and disc. This ensures there is no unsupported length of shaft.

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Tilting Disc Check Valves

Smartplate Heaters

Our Smartplate Heater range have been engineered to work in partnership with today's condensing boilers. This partnership allows for system-wide energy efficiency in low temperature applications.

Our Smartplate Heaters are easy to install and maintain, are durable and have accurate temperature controls. Our Smartplate Heaters can support both 2-way and 3-way applications and provide an integrated safety shut-off system.

For more information on our Smartplate Heaters and how they work, please visit our website.

Venturi Fluid Jet

The range of KORTING Fluid Jet equipment operates both Jet Pump and Ejectors (With no moving parts).  The range is used to:

  • Pump
  • Mix
  • Heat
  • Cool
  • Produce a vacuum

For more information on Venturi Fluid Jet

Venturi Fluid Jet

Steam Water Heaters

Our Steam Water Heaters are extremely reliable, energy efficient and are very low maintenance.

Our Steam Water Heaters are compatible with high or low steam pressures and provide a precise temperature control.

Our designs have thirty years of proven design and have been named "Top Product Pick" by Buildings Magazine in 2004.

Steam Water Heaters

Emission Free Bellows Seal Valves

We offer standard and fully welded constructions of Emission Free Bellows and Seal Valves.

Our Emission Free Bellows and Seal Valves feature a standard flanged joint. This provides easy access for maintenance and component replacement.

Our Emission Free Bellows and Seal Valves have a fully welded bonnet assembly for difficult services or butt welded pipe work and fitting are used.

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Emission Free Bellows Seal Valves

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