Novatech Measurements Ltd


Novatech manufactures a wide range of loadcells and torque sensors for use in force measurement applications. We have an extensive range of standard products and also produce many custom designs to meet customers specific application requirements. Our website Company Profile page gives an outline of the application solutions we can supply.

Product Range

Our standard product range is described on our website complete with full data-sheets, outline drawings and step files for all our loadcells. The Product Guide page is a good place to start looking for products to meet your application requirements.

Force Measurement Application Solutions

If you have a force measurement requirement talk to our engineers who will help you find the best solution. We can supply formal quotations in 24 hours for most requirements. Our Pictorial Product Guide is a good place to see the standard loadcells we manufacture. 


We supply a range of selected loadcell instrumentation including amplifiers, loadmeters and telemetry. If instrumentation is supplied with loadcells we normally calibrate it for use with the loadcell in the force units of your choice. Our Instrumentation products can be found in our Pictorial Product Guide.

Examples Of Application Solutions

Our website has articles on a small number of the many solutions we have manufactured. You can read about them using the Application Data Index to select the required article.

In-House Calibration

Most of the loadcells and torque transducers we manufacture are calibrated in-house using calibration references that are traceable to National standards. More details can be found in the Calibration Laboratory page of our website.

Engineering Sheets

We have a number of Engineering Sheets available covering many aspects of loadcell application. These answer some of the common questions about the using loadcells. The sheets can be accessed from the Engineering Sheet Index.

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