NSW Technology Ltd


NSW is a leading manufacturer of:

  • communications
  • submarine
  • overhead
  • power and offshore cables

as well as engineering plastics and environmental products. For over 100 years, NSW has been committed to the expansion and improvement of communications. The company serves customers all over the world.

Telecommunications Cable

Telecommunications is our home turf. NSW started with submarine cables. Moreover, the world got smaller and smaller. Even turbulence on the international equity markets and soft demand in past years could not stop one trend: the hunger for transmission capacity.

More countries want to connect to the world economy. Effective, modern cable systems form the instrumental basis of their efforts. Strategic communications systems, research cables, seismic applications such as tsunami early warning systems -- they all operate thanks to the fiber-optic cables of NSW. Great system flexibility, combined with the capability of adding features and extending the system, creates the right solution for all requirements, whether at sea, for offshore connections or overhead

Telecommunications Cable

Power Cables

Our power cables demonstrate experience in various applications. On the one hand, reliable, lossless relaying of generated power, for example from offshore wind farms, is involved. On the other hand, we offer an efficient and proven solution for motors immersed in liquids:

Power Cables

Offshore Cables

The challenges and potential of the offshore industry continue to grow apace. At the same time, this area requires very special solutions. NSW can meet stringent requirements as the recognized experts in offshore cables. Developed on a case-by-case basis, our cables are reliable and cost-effective even under extreme conditions. Over the years, NSW has adapted new materials such as special metal alloys, high-density cross-linked polymers, thermoplastics and synthetic yarn to improve the elasticity and operational reliability of its cables. This is how we combine the knowledge from the most varied application areas of our cables with the goal of meeting your challenges.

Offshore Cables


From electronic cables to high voltage, energy and telecommunications cables, General Cable manufactures and markets a complete range of cables capable of responding to all client needs. They are high quality, advanced technology cables that enhance people’s safety and facilitate the work of installers, while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment.

Training & Testing

Training and Potential Tests

Customers who want to learn more about the cable and its potential are invited to use the training facilities of NSW. Training sessions are offered in line with customer need, for example, in the following areas:

  • Splicing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Just ask us, we will be glad to help you.

NSW's internal quality system is comprehensive and covers all manufacturing processes and business practices. The company performs all required mechanical, chemical, electrical and optical tests, and performance checks. All elements are monitored and tested by NSW staff experts both at previously specified stages of the production process and on a random sample basis.


This process ensures that every cable leaving the factory in Nordenham has been comprehensively tested for functionality and material quality. The inspectors of the customer can be used for final acceptance testing. Almost no day passes without inspectors on the factory grounds in Nordenham.


NSW uses national and international test standards such as DIN, ISO, EN, VDE, IEC, BS, ASTM, ANSI, IEEE, MIL and even customer specifications. The cited potential tests include the following:

  • Type tests / verification tests• qualification of products, personnel and processes
  • Material tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Damage investigations
  • Fundamental studies
  • Routine tests
  • Customer acceptance tests

You will also find details about this in our brochure.

Training & Testing

Cable Installation

NSW acts as full turnkey partner - this means that we do not only offer cable design, production and delivery but also the installation of the cables. To be able to react much quicker to our customers' needs we now invested, together with our partners Hans Schramm & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG and Tiefbau-GmbH "Unterweser" (TAGU) in the construction of the barge NOSTAG 10.

NOSTAG 10 is specially designed for laying submarine power cables for offshore wind farms and island links. With a length of more than 90 metres and a width of over 27 metres, plus a very substantial carrying capacity, it is ideal for the waters of the North and Baltic Seas, which will also be the principal areas of deployment.


Cable Installation
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