Nu Heat Underfloor and Renewables


Our underfloor heating systems offer a range of heating solutions designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, award winning manuals, and complete design services with bespoke CAD drawings.

The CAD drawings of underfloor heating systems will show all pipework, valves and electrical components and can help us tailor a manual to fit your heat source.

We use the computer software programme, Optimiser, to help design our comprehensive range of flooring constructions from acoustic variations to timber-joisted floors. Depending on your type of property, we have underfloor heating systems to suit you. Underfloor heating is suitable for new builds and older buildings. We also recommend insulation in older buildings and double glazing. We also have a diversity of cylinders available for applications, including:

  • Cylinders for boiler systems
  • Cylinders for solar thermal systems
  • Cylinders for heat pump systems
  • Buffer vessels

Floor Constructions

We design and manufacture floor constructions for a variety of requirements and include: 

  • Screed floor constructions
  • Suspended timber joisted floor constructions
  • Solid floor constructions with floating diffuser panels
  • Acoustic floor constructions

As part of the floor constructions design process, we provide advice on the sustainability of floor coverings and help with deciding on the best hard surfaces for underfloor heating. Floor constructions can be produced from stone or ceramics and if you choose carpet the designs will have to consider the additional heat output needed.

Installation Options

We have three installation options: self install, Nu-Heat registered installation, or your own installer. Whatever option you decide on, our systems are provided with detailed illustrated manuals and DVD.

Help is also on hand from our experts and if unexpected issues arise during installation they can telephoned or emailed to provide instant help.

As part of our installation options and for professional installers, we provide training courses at the National Renewables Training Centre in Devon.

Heat Pumps

Our series of heat pumps can suit many requirements from air, ground and exhaust sources. Heat pumps work using solar energy from the ground, air or water and transfer it into domestic hot water or heating systems.

Heat pumps are operated from unlimited solar energy and benefit from being extremely environmentally friendly. Other advantages include reduced energy bills and when integrated into a full solar system is offers an alternative with no gas access.

Contact us to ensure your property is suitable for ground source or air source heat pumps as older homes may have higher heat losses.

Heat Pump Integration

Heat pump integration can enhance your renewable integration systems and can be used with any heat source including oil and gas boilers.

Heat pump integration allows the renewable technology to perform to its optimum efficiency. Our designs and bespoke systems are provided with docking drawings to show exactly how the components should be installed and linked.


We create systems to capture solar thermal energy and convert it into heated water. Using solar power gives you an eco-friendly source. It is an unlimited supply and eliminates any supply requirement issues. From solar energy systems, you can generate large amounts of domestic hot water.

Our innovative technology uses collectors manufactured from titanium oxide and prismatic glass and we can advise you on the correct systems. Our systems can not only provide you with the best collectors but also supply you with the correct cylinders and ancillary parts.

Rainwater Harvesting

Our rainwater harvesting systems will not be affected by dramatic changes in temperature and are manufactured from durable plastic and designed to use less excavating during installation.

In rainwater harvesting, the rainwater is collected from roofs and is transferred through downpipes and filtered and stored for use. The rainwater can be used in toilets, around the garden and in washing machines. Our rainwater harvesting systems are available in three packages:

  • Integrated filter for roofs up to 150m squared
  • External filter for sizes up to 350m squared
  • Garden package with a filter and pump


We can help you with trade installation quotes. Using our years of experience and expertise, we understand how long a project will take.

This trade quote separate from your free, no-obligation quote and ensures your installation price is accurate. We also provide free technical support for all users of our systems. Further more, we run training courses in Unvented Hot Water, Energy Efficiency and Water Regulations.

Self Build and Homeowners

All our systems come with installation instructions for self build and homeowners. We also provide bespoke docking drawings to show how components fit together and make installation a lot simpler.

For self build and homeowners, we also supply renewable energy sources to integrate into systems. They include biomass wood pellet boilers and micro combined heat boilers.


We have supported the commercial market sector through our range of RSLs and national housebuilders.

If you are looking to use renewable technology or underflooring heating for commercial means, our experienced technical teams are ready to help.

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