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Packaging Tapes

Carton Sealing Tapes

Many self-adhesive carton sealing tapes are available. The most popular versions are based on Vinyl and Polypropylene film. Vinyl gives a quiet slow release in addition to the finger tear ability, thus avoiding the need for a dispenser. Polypropylene can also be supplied in a quiet release form but is more usually supplied as the competitively priced “carton sealing tape”. Strong and easily removed from the roll, it is best applied by dispenser. Both Vinyl and Polypropylene can be printed to customer own designs. Up to four colours can be printed on a white or coloured base.

Double-Sided Tapes

Nu-Pax stock a wide range of Double-Sided tapes, including tissues, filmic based tapes, transfer tapes, and tapes with a finger lift release paper.

Foam Tapes

From a wide variety of base products we are able to convert into rolls, pads and die-cut shapes, offering a wide choice of solutions to bonding, sealing and cushioning applications.


Nu-Pax have a full range of sealants available, both cylinder and tape format. These are available for a wide range of uses from bonding and sealing to splicing, jointing and repairing.

Electroplating Tape

Nu-Pax is able to supply a wide range of Tapes suitable for masking off during electroplating. These include PVC tapes and Aluminium Copper and Lead Foil. Aluminium Foil can be supplied with or without release paper.

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