Nuns Street Plating Ltd


Nuns Street Plating is centrally located in the Derby, East Midlands area and offer high quality electroplaters and anodisers services.

For over 45 years we have been providing metal finishing for a range of industries and businesses. Our electroplaters and anodisers as well as all our services are to ISO 9001:2000.



Electroplating Service

We are an ever-improving and growing company focused on achieving outstanding qualities of surface finishing. Our electroplating service and many more of our services provide an environmentally friendly process treatment.

Our electroplating service can meet a range of requirements and we specialise in zinc, nickel and phosphate coatings.




Our plating services are undertaken with high levels of quality in mind. We are officially certified and compliant with all requirements ISO9001:2008 and the use of our plating and trivalent chromating systems ensures compliance with the EVL, RoHs and WEEE directives. We are also proud members of the Institute of Metal Finishing (IMF)



Shot Blasting

We offer all sort of shot blasting applications to suit a range of requirements. Whatever your needs, either from a single item or to a multiple load, we offer a consistent range of shot blasting quality services at competitive prices and rapid turnaround.




Plating Services We Offer

The plating services we offer include anodising of bright chrome, copper, bright nickel, electro-less nickel, and chemical black. We also offer de-embrittlement, tin, black phosphate, phosphate and oil, dry phosphate, zinc barrelling, zinc and clear, zinc phosphate, zinc, and black and black on stainless.

Plating services we offer also include the plating of anything from small screws, nuts and bolts to large fabrications up to 10ft long and include:

  • Anodising
  • Natural and Assorted Colours
  • Alochrome
  • Clear 1000
  • Gold 1200



We offer a wealth of superior services with quality standards to ISO 9001:2000. With our prompt turnaround and competitive prices we provide our customers in a diversity of industry areas with high quality products.

Our deburring service is available for steel and aluminium products and our deburring skills will clean a range of products to a high standard.




Our passivations service provides customers with the final stage of coating and our range of passivations will help protect against environmental factors such as air and water. Our passivations include antique bronze, black, clear, gold, and olive.




Electroplaters And Polishers

As well as electroplaters and polishers, we also offer a quality reliable service, competitive prices, technical support, and value for money. Our electroplaters and polishers can cope with anything from small screws to large fabrications. Our full range of services include zinc plating available with a range of trivalent passivates in clear, yellow, black to meet the EVL and RoHS directives, as well as olive drab.

We also offer chemical blacking of mild steel, with or without an oil treatment, zinc phosphating of small components and heat treatment to remove potential embrittlement caused by electroplating. We also electroplate alochrome, 1000 clear and 1200 gold, and etching and polishing.


Processes For Aluminium And Steel

Our processes for aluminium and steel include anodising in natural and assorted colours, Alochrome, Clear 1000 and Gold 1200. Processes for steel include deburring, degreasing, etching, pickling, polishing and metal stripping, shot lasting, bead, glass, and sand.




Our range of lacquers includes acrylic, clear and black.




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