Nuova Gandiplast Srl

Gandiplast firm was founded in 1965 as individual craft business and  change, over the years, its corporate name to become Nuova Gandiplast s.r.l.


In the early days, the company produced envelopes and bags for packaging of textile products of Val Gandino.

Moving between companies of the valley, rose the doubt of where would end all packing materials; hence was born the idea of ​​regenerating matter of LDPE.

In 1973, first in Europe, develops and begins the process of recovery and recycling of primary and secondary packaging of polyethylene "post-consumer", with only the use of washing facilities of its own design and construction.

The result of this process leads to the conversion of the plastic waste into secondary raw material and, therefore, in the finished product which, to date, is made from sacks and bags of various shapes and colors for the differentiated collection of municipal waste.

The products of the Nuova Gandiplast s.r.l. are sold in Italy, France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Croatia and Austria

Nuova Gandiplast Srl Overview