NUS Consulting Group Ltd

The founder of NUS and, in fact, the architect of the entire utility cost management industry was Theodore E. Maynard. While attending university, Mr. Maynard discovered that utility suppliers were not required to provide consumers the most cost effective rate option available. Choosing the "best" rate was ultimately the responsibility of each consumer. Recognising the burden and additional cost placed on consumers, Mr. Maynard created NUS in 1933 to help utility intensive organisations better manage and reduce their energy costs.

Starting from a single office in New York City, NUS has grown into 11 international offices employing 750 professionals. NUS advises 25,000 clients ranging from multi-national corporations to single location enterprises. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, hospitality, and government agencies.

The driving force behind much of NUS' growth was Sarkis Soultanian. Beginning his career in 1958 as a mailroom clerk, he advanced through the organisation and ultimately became President in April 1986. Purchasing NUS from the Maynard family in 1990, he led NUS for an additional 8 successful years. Under his stewardship, NUS built NUS Corporate Plaza (our current headquarters), expanded its international network and made the implementation of new technologies a priority.

Today, NUS is led by Gary and Richard Soultanian. Together, they are committed to building upon NUS' long-standing tradition of success and industry leadership. Their vision is to make NUS even more agile, innovative and client-focused. By continuously improving its people, services and reputation, their goal is to maintain and expand NUS┬┐ position as the premier utility recovery and consulting firm in the world.

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