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At Nutek, we are a global leader in traceability equipment and board handling for the electronic manufacturing industry and can offer a wide range of PCB handling equipment. Our products span from PCB conveyors, AOI reject conveyors, magazine loaders and buffers, laser marking cells, scan stations, and PCB cleaning systems.

Our bespoke solutions are designed to maximise your production efficiency substantially. In addition to our broad product range, we are also able to offer second user equipment.

Laser Marking

For accurate PCB, ceramics, metals or plastics marking we have a great selection of high performing laser marking systems. The YAG laser marking system is capable of marking all of these materials using a YAG laser and the CO2 laser marking system has capabilities of double-sided marking.

PCB Conveyors

As specialists in automated board handling equipment, our PCB conveyers are extensive in variety and designed to suit a wide range of processes.

We offer linking conveyors at both 500mm and 1000mm segment lengths, solder infeed/outfeed conveyors, coupling conveyors, reject conveyors and the AOI rework conveyor.

We also supply the pusher conveyor designed for use in combination with a multi magazine line unloader.

Automatic Labelling System

Our automatic labelling system uses an X-Y table to position PCBs under an applicator head where desired angles can be easily adjusted. The automatic labelling system offers many beneficial options and features, which are easily programmed in Windows-based software.

Scan Station

Our scan station has a maximum scan area of 460 x 460mm depending on the application and operates with a high-density flat screen and ADOMO camera system. Other beneficial features of our scan station are fully listed on our website.

Inspection Conveyors

We offer inspection conveyors for the PCB assembly line when the frequent visual inspection of PCBs is required. Inspection conveyors have automatic or electronic width adjustments with options available on request.

We also offer a UV inspection machine for many processes.

Line Loaders and Unloaders

At Nutek, we boast many line loaders and unloaders for a variety of production volumes and applications. Our high-speed mini loaders and unloaders offer large machine capacities for continuous operation. The advanced platform loaders and unloaders are the choice for handling material, lead-frames, carries or similar products.

Whether single, dual or multi magazine, we have line loaders and unloaders with many capacity types.

Stackers and Destackers

At Nutek UK, we offer many types of stackers and destackers. The economical and push-up destackers use a mechanism to separate the bottom PCB from the stack after it is lowered on the integrated conveyor belt.

The push-up stacker uses a pneumatic lifter to gently raise the PCBs from the ESD belt conveyor adding it to the bottom of the stack.

Inline workstation 1000mm

The inline workstation is used where manual assembly work is performed on the PCB without removing it from the PCB assembly line. The inline workstation comes with many beneficial features and additional options.

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