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We are nymbl®. A technically astute, full service production studio. We specialise in beautifully crafted 3D animations, stunning visual effects and exceptional virtual reality experiences. 

Our background is an energetic blend of technical artists, game developers and creatives from the film, game and events industries. Our expertise allows us to create and build the most visually stunning and truly immersive 360º interactive virtual reality environments.

We work with brands and agencies to create remarkable animations and VR experiences for their products and applications. Our agile workflow allows for a personable and considered approach to working in partnership with our clients. We combine our knowledge in the industry with a sense of adventure, seeking the most effective solutions for your digital campaigns.

If you are looking to create an interactive experience or animated video for your brand, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email on hello@nymbl.com or give us a call on 01179 250184.

Animation - 3D

3D animated content from character animation to virtual flythroughs. Bring ideas and brands to life with the limitless possibilities of computer 3D graphics.

Moving Graphics

Motion graphics can elevate communications and promotions by fusing graphical, textual and moving content to capture the target audience and communicate your message.  

Advertising - Graphics

3D animation is a successfully proven, and visually engaging way to produce TV, web, or display (Digital Signage) advertising

Business Video

Integrate animated content with business video, or generate fully animated sequences to communicate your message.

Broadcast - TV

Animated content and visual effects for TV production graphics or titles, and integrated special effects as part of the programs.

Engineering and Technical Animation

3d and 2d graphics to visually explain and represent complex engineering designs and ideas.

Graphics - 3D and 2D

Digital illustration to create stylised and photo-real 3d or 2d high res images for print based content.

Corporate Video Film Production

Engaging animated presentations, or branded moving graphics to support your business brand identity and image.

TV - Advert Production

3d and 2d animation is a successfully proven, and visually engaging way to produce TV adverts.

Buildings - External 3D Views

Create realistic representations of building designs, to produce a cost effective and practical way to accurately visualise the architecture in its environment.

Film - Display Graphics

Moving display graphics are now commonplace, and we have experience to produce striking content for digital advertising displays of all sizes and resolutions.

Stereoscopic true 3D animation

We have experience in producing stereoscopic content for the new 3d TV and projector systems. We can literally make the animation jump out from the screen to engage the audience and take them to the next level!

Hd Video Production

All productions can be produced at any standard required, including Full 1080p HD or 2k resolution.

Special Effects and Visual Effects

We can generate spectacular CG special effects and seamlessly integrate into footage to produce effects that would otherwise be impossible to recreate.

Musical Entertainment Video Film Production

We are experience in producing content for Music videos, and live concert stage visuals including Artists such as Rod Stewart, and Muse at Wembley Stadium.

Virtual Tours - 3D and Web

We are able to generate virtual representations of development designs, to allow clients and the public visit ideas before they become reality.

Character Animation

We can develop characters from concept to an engaging and personable reality, for use in many forms of communication and entertainment. 

Event Visuals

Create breath-taking visual content as part of you live show, event or awards ceremony.


We can create the visual content for your next interactive app, game, ride or any other user interface device

Branding and Logos

Use the power of 3d to add another dimension to your branding and logos, from a simple loop, to a fully animated sequence.

Internal Communications

Use graphical and 3d elements to communicate your business strategy or HR information across larger organisations. 

Web video

The effectiveness of video content on the web is widely regarded as one of the most powerful assets available, and there is no better way that using animated video content to engage and attract more traffic.

Medical Animations

Our unique application of 3d animation is a valuable tool for communicating the complex structures and processes in science and medicine

Product Visualisation

We can create beautiful rendered representations of products for visualisation purposes from designs, to stylised advertising content.

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