Oak Leasing Ltd


Oak Leasing's portfolio of success has been built on 17 years of offering an equipment leasing package to you, our suppliers and installers. Oak is now the equipment leasing broker of choice to over 1500 installers, and is now the UK's most popular leasing company website.

We have an unique quick quote repayment calculator on the website which  has a function that enables you to have leasing quotes for both new start business and established business.

As the credit crunch effects installers and customers alike, unlike some leasing companies, who are moving away from leasing some equipment and also leaving some markets,, Oak is actively underwriting  all equipment and importantly in all markets, and  will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Oak does not use flow charts or head office memos to determine how, and what we lease.

Oak is now  one of the leaders in arranging  leasing  into  Europe and the USA. The website is now in 6 languages and also has the rate calculator in Euro s.

Historically, leasing has been used by equipment suppliers to minimise the cost of their equipment by selling on a "ballpark" monthly or weekly figure.

The benefits of offering leasing to your customers are:-

  • Fully Tax allowable
  • Upgrade equipment at any time
  • Rentals are fixed, even if bank rate increases.
  • Additional line of credit, leasing does not affect your banking line
  • Leasing conserves valuable working capital for more profitable use elsewhere in your business.


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