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If you're thinking filtration - think Oberlin Filter.

Many processes need liquids for cleaning, cooling, treating, heating, frying etc.
Sooner or later this liquid becomes contaminated.
If the contaminating particles are not removed the process will slow down.
An Oberlin Filter will keep your process liquid clean – will keep your process efficient.

Sometimes the solid particles have a value – an Oberlin can reclaim these solids – dry!
Sometimes the liquid is expensive; oil, chemicals, synthetic coolant, an Oberlin won’t waste any. The clean filtered liquid returns back to process, ready to go all over again.

An Oberlin filter does all this automatically.

Oberlin Filter Ltd offer complete vertical solutions to your fluid filtration requirements from laboratory testing, to bespoke design, to manufacturing, production, to commissioning.

We have vast experience.
We have vast expertise.

Oberlin Filter – so you don’t have to.

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