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HAHN's excellence is leading the way in Customer focused Mains Transformer production

Ocean Grove has formed a partnership with HAHN in the U.K. and North America. The combination of Ocean Grove's extensive commercial knowledge is complimented by HAHN's vast technical expertise and distribution flexibility.

HAHN Transformers are of the highest quality making us proud to represent them in the U.K. So, whatever you need, however many you want, whenever you want them, you can be sure we can help.

RFI Suppression

Through special partnerships with our suppliers it is possible to provide cutting edge technical solutions with economy in design. If you are reading this today, thinking about how to solve your EMC issues of tomorrow call us, we can help you find the answers.

Rugged EMC Filters

200 Amp Active Harmonic Filter

RFI Suppression

Chokes and Capacitors

Sourced from selected companies in the Far East and Europe, the Chokes and Capacitors we supply are extremely economical. 

Our Magnetic winding partner makes more than 25 million components per year using the highest quality raw materials so establishing a strong presence in the European market place. ISO9001 Approved, working from a 25,000 square foot facility and employing 400 staff makes them a significant player in the winding business.


Chokes and Capacitors

Surge Suppression

Overvoltage Protection

ISKRA is a well known and respected name in the European Electronics market place. This division is a strong and flexible designer and manufacturer of Surge Protection devices designed to eliminate the effects of damaging Transient Voltages.

Surge Suppression
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