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Oceanscan is a leading international subsea equipment company providing the most advanced technology to the defence, offshore oil & gas, petrochemical, telecoms and aerospace markets.

A separate personnel division is able to supply a wide range of technical experts to support our clients requirements. We can provide personnel to support a variety of projects including Survey, Vessel, ROV, Trenching operations and Logistics support.

Formed in 1989 and with its headquarters in Aberdeen,UK, Oceanscan has established a multi-million pound business and has offices located in  Bergen, Houston, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Oceanscan also has a worldwide network of partners, ideally placed to assist your needs anywhere in the world. Partner companies are located in Brazil, India, Israel, Korea, Kuwait, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain and Turkey.

Oceanscan operates a quality system to ISO 9001:2000 standard and is a member of the International Marine Contractors' Association (IMCA) and the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (B.I.N.D.T.)

A sample of the range is shown below, please see our website for a full overview.


The Oceanscan E-Type Electronic Obstacle Avoidance Sonar System is the latest real-time multibeam sonar on the market providing customers with a fast, high resolution imaging sonar at a realistic price.


The Oceanscan Multi-Return Altimeter fulfills many of the sonar data capture requirements of the oceanographic and scientific communities. This unit differs from most Altimeters of the "first-return" type by digitising the receiver output at high speed into a FIFO memory.

Underwater Video Systems

Oceanscan Limited and ECA Hytec, who for 20 years have pioneered subsea imaging, have developed the latest underwater video systems for the offshore oil and gas, defence and scientific markets


Oceanscan Limited and ECA Hytec, who for 20 years have pioneered subsea imaging, have developed the latest underwater video systems for the offshore oil and gas, defence and scientific markets.

T-Type Acoustic Inspection System

The T-Type Acoustic Inspection System measures the volume and topology of sludge sediments in the bottom of liquid storage tanks (e.g. crude oil)

  • includes an ATEX certified tool that is inserted into the tank through a suitable access hole in the roof until fully submerged in the liquid
  • smaller tanks (<40m diameter) the entire tank bottom can be scanned from a single position, larger tanks (40m < 120m diameter) the T-Type Acoustic Inspection System scans from several entries are merged to give a composite image of the distribution and a sludge volume of the whole tank.

X-type underwater intruder detection system

The X-type underwater intruder detection system is an active sonar engineered to detect stealthy underwater intruder threats to ports, ships and other coastal industrial installations.

Phased Array Systems

With multiple Olympus Omniscans on-the-shelf in the UK including the entry level Omniscan M 1664, the full version Omniscan MX16128, the high level Omniscan MX 32128 and Omniscan ECA, either supplied standalone or part of a turn-key-kit, Oceanscan can support all your Phased Array systems needs including phased array probes

Olympus Omniscan Scanner Kits

The scanner kits available with Omniscan phased array system are: flex scanner kit and wren TOFD kit. These are used in conjunction with the Omniscan 16128 for semi automated inspection.

Skilled Personnel Services

Oceanscan have been providing professional offshore personnel for the offshore industry worldwide since 1989 including:

  • Experienced ROV supervisors, hydrographic surveyors, data processors, survey engineers and geophysicists
  • Skilled pilot technicians, supervisors, marine superintendents, client representatives and project managers
  • Specialist trenching, plough and lay equipment technicians

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