Oem Group Ltd.

The OEM Group was established in 1976 to supply the needs of indicative controls to the Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM's).

OEM provide cost effective and innovative solutions,backed by excellent customer service to the transport and logistics sector.

In 1996 OEM Launched the first ever mechanical Reusable Security seal "Secureseal"  for trucks and  Trailers in 1999 the Secureseal gained a valuable DTI Innovation award and has become the market leading product in the field.

Secureseal is now exported  Worldwide and provides "Tamper evident" security sealing for many of the UK's leading Retail ,DIY and Supermarket Fleets including the Co-op, Sainsburys ,B&Q and Tesco.

OEM Have also during the last 3 years launched a number of innovative products for the Transport sector including the trailer coupling Lock "Suzielok" and a cost effective trailer location system "Securelocator" ,the company plan further product launches this year.
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