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Personalised calendars and cards have always been a favourite gift to send, to receive calendars or Christmas cards shows your client or friend you have been thinking about them personally. Christmas cards are perhaps the more popular of the two, but calendars are fast catching on, especially within the corporate sector. The choices and styles regarding calendars and personalised cards are endless, be it cards with a persons name or calendars with a company logo. Here at Offsite Digital we have produced Christmas cards and calendars for many years and have fine tuned the production of our cards and calendars to ensure a top quality product and service every time. Cards along with calendars really say something about the thought you have put into a present. They really are gifts that everyone likes to receive. When trying to source Christmas cards and calendars it pays to do your research - people have always known the difference between cheap and tacky Christmas cards or calendars and quality work. As previously mentioned, the design and quality of personalised cards and calendars reflect on the person or firm sending them, would you like yourself or your firm to be thought of as cheap and tacky? No. The best place to start your research about suitable calendars and cards is the internet, don't be swayed by a nice website and place an order straight away - any one can set up a website. Call us today for a professional service at an affordable price.

Personalised Calendars

Your chosen supplier should have a range of templates available for your unique calendars and Christmas cards. Any reputable calendars and cards company will have a list of previous clients and will be willing to let you contact them. When you have obtained the client details from the company, contact them directly and ask them about their experience with the company. Any client who is pleased with their products from this company should be more than willing to share their experiences with you. When considering corporate calendars and cards, design is everything. It could make the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a complete waste of money. The first step when considering the design of your calendars and cards, is: ‘Can I do it myself’? If you have the facilities and expertise to design your own calendars and cards all well and good, but the design of calendars and cards is a highly specialised discipline. Clients can tell the difference between amateur calendars and cards and professionally designed and produced calendars and Christmas cards. If you do not have the necessary acumen to design your own calendars and personalised Christmas cards, consider seeking external advice from relevant marketing companies or specialists such as Offsite Digital. In a nutshell, it really does make good business sense to secure the services of a professional. Not only will the entire process run much more smoothly but you will reap the rewards of a professional looking job.

Make the right choice

Do not attempt to rush the design of your personalised calendars and cards, for Christmas cards it is not quite as relevant but calendars are on display for a whole year at least. Make sure the design of your calendars and cards are completely to your satisfaction before production commences. A design error in your calendars and cards could cost you financially as well as portraying your company in a negative light. You should have a finalised idea of the total cost of your calendars and cards at this stage, including the design which may be in addition to the printing costs. The importance of setting a budget for your calendars and Christmas cards cannot be overstated. Prepare a budget for your calendars and cards and stick to it rigidly. Don't forget to include the cost of dispatching your calendars and cards, make sure this is incorporated into your budget; the dispatching cost is sometimes overlooked and can be very costly, especially if they are being sent overseas. There are many postal and courier services that may be able to dispatch your calendars and Christmas cards so it is worth comparing their prices. The prices that these delivery companies’ charges can differ significantly and some may offer a reduced price for a bulk mail out. To reiterate, if you have any questions at any stage of the ordering process please contact us, we are happy to help.

Proofing and the approval process

When you have fully finalised the design for your personalised calendars and Christmas cards, you may be asked to check and approve a PDF proof and sign it off before production commences. Please check the proof of your calendars or cards carefully as you will have no right of redress if your calendars or cards are printed with errors that existed on the proof you previously signed off as correct. However, if your finished calendars and personalised Christmas cards do not match the signed off proof you have some means of redress with the company. The proof of your calendars and Xmas cards must be scrutinised in detail as this will represent the finished product.

Your design has been finalised, you are ready to begin production - are you sure your choice of design is relevant to your client? For example, a modern hi-tech design would not necessarily be a relevant design for a traditional cabinet maker and at the other end of the spectrum; traditional, rustic calendars and cards would not be particularly suitable for an IT company. It is very important to match the design of your calendars and Christmas cards to your clients’ particular sector. Mistakes and oversights such as these can also portray your company in a negative light and perhaps affect future business opportunities. Take your time to browse our website and select a design or designs that best fit the genre of the company that you wish to extend your greetings to.

Get it right the first time

If your client wishes to distribute personalised calendars and Christmas cards to his particular clients, you must be sure of the correct genre and style of design. If you are producing calendars and Xmas cards on behalf of a client who is sending them to his clients, you must get his input and ensure he also signs off the proof before production. The quality of your mail out reflects on you and your clients' reputation, picking the correct calendars can make the difference between increased custom and decreased custom. To conclude, always ensure your calendars fit you and your customers' profiles, inappropriate calendars could affect you and your business more than you anticipate.

The use of calendars, if designed correctly, are an excellent marketing tool, if your calendars are designed correctly in regard to their recipients, it could really increase your revenue. If the calendars and cards hit the mark with their clients, they may ask for your contact details, and perhaps place further orders through you. In these days of electronic communication, people still appreciate the thought behind personalised gifts. People like the personal touch, what better way to illustrate this than by sending cards and calendars. Get a reputation for supplying the correct, relevant, festive gifts and your reputation will spread to other businesses and increase your revenue. Getting it right the first time can save you untold amounts of stress and even money, so if you do one thing this year make sure it’s a call to Offsite Digital.

The right supplier for your personalised calendars and Xmas cards

To conclude, using the right supplier for your personalised calendars is essential. From start to finish a good reputable supplier will keep you in the loop throughout every step of the process, from providing design ideas to the final delivery of your quality print job. No reputable company would attempt to make any significant profit for overheads such as dispatch and packaging. It really is essential to get your cards and calendars right from start to finish; quality cards and calendars should attract future and repeat custom. Offsite Digital are the premier specialists who pride themselves on both the quality of their work and their unrivalled customer service. If timed correctly any organisation can use photo calendars as a means of fund raising. Schools can produce fund raising calendars which can be personalised with school, class or pupil details. School fundraising calendars can even be printed to match the academic year, so instead of having a school calendar which runs for 12 months from January to December, School calendars can be printed to run for 15 months between September and the following December. It is essential that the planning for a school or charity fundraising calendar should be started early to allow for the best school or charity pictures to be selected. School calendars can even be personalised to individual year groups by showing pupils birthdays etc. Calendars are ideal for many types of organisations especially sports clubs and members only organisations.

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