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 As an entertainment lighting and sound company based in Colchester, we bring you an extensive range of services including radio mic hire.

We supply leading microphone technology names such as Sennheiser. Beyond sales, our technical services also include a variety of equipment hire, sales and installation, lighting and sound design and event services.

Sound Equipment Hire

We have leading expertise in sound equipment hire and supply anything ranging from a single microphone to a complete theatre PA system. We have many years of experience in sound equipment hire and are specialist suppliers of multi channel radio mic systems.

Further products include:

  • Wired mics
  • Processing and playback
  • Amplifiers
  • Stands and cables
Sound Equipment Hire

Tourguide Systems Hire

We are experienced in the supply of tourguide systems hire equipment. Our tourguide systems equipment is supplied already charged and ready to use.

Tourguide systems are designed to allow groups of people both small and large to enjoy audio description services. They are used in factories, museums and tours of all types.

Tourguide Systems Hire

Sound For Musical Theatre

We specialise in sound for musical theatre. Our experience of sound for musical theatre includes a large portfolio of differing productions across all genres of musical theatre from rock opera to classical concerts.

We provide a vast array of technical services for your production including sound and lighting design, equipment and also the team necessary for a quality production.

Sound For Musical Theatre

Lighting Equipment Sales

For the most comprehensive and cost-effective lighting equipment sales, our service is unbeatable. Our lighting equipment sales offer high quality, reliable products at fair prices.

Products include:

  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Mixing desks
  • Dimmers
  • Spotlights
  • Radio microphones
Lighting Equipment Sales

Lighting and Sound System Installation

Our eclectic variety of products and solutions includes the provision of a range of lighting and sound system installation services.

Our lighting and sound system installation services are utilised in all sectors of the education and entertainment industries.

  • Curtain tracks and drapes
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Infrared and induction loop system design and installation
Lighting and Sound System Installation

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