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40 of years experience in the powder & Nylon coating, we lead the way not just in powder coating but in specialist wet spray and fluidised bed dipping as well.

For a job well done, choose Omnikote.

Functional Powder Coaters

We are experienced and professional functional powder coatings specialists.

We define this class of powder coatings as those where the function of the coating is of primary importance and the decorative function is secondary.

With functional powder coatings, the coatings tend to be thicker and some are applied to a hot substrate (fusion bonded). Careful and precise application is integral for these high-performance coatings. Skilled operatives give personal attention to ensure optimum performance.

Polyester Powder Coaters

We also have leading expertise in providing polyester powder coating services. As with all coatings, correct preparation and pre-treatment is crucial to durability and we specialise in this process.

If you are looking for experience, we have it in abundance. Our staff have an average of 18 years of experience with us. We even sprayed R2-D2 for the original Star Wars in 1977!

For more information on polyester powder coating, visit our website.

Nylon Powder Coatings

Nylon powder coatings offer superior wear, abrasion and impact resistance. With Nylon powder coatings, any extra cost is recovered many times over by savings in maintenance and replacement costs.

Coating with Nylon is a major part of our day-to-day business. We are an approved applicator of Rilsan, and we have built up a considerable expertise with this product.

Architectural Coatings

Our architectural department provides the integrated processing required to guarantee the long term durability, wear and corrosion resistance so vital for large architectural components. We offer polyester and nylon powder coating as well as a full range of specialist wet applied systems.

Specials & Prototype Coating Services

We have a section within our plant dedicated to technical challenges, special processes, individual items and small batches. Highly skilled operatives with years of experience of this demanding work, help ensure right first time, every time.

Fluidised Bed Dipping

Nylon powders can be formulated for application by dipping a heated component into a tank of powder which has been fluidised by passing compressed air though the powder. The nylon fuses on to the component, melting to a smooth finish on heavy components without further heating - lighter components will require post-fusing. The process needs a tank full of powder large enough to cover the component so the set up costs need to be considered.

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