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At Onestop Testing Services, we specialise in many testing processes including concrete testing. We use a variety of techniques for our concrete testing including the following process examples listed below:

  • Diamond Drilling 
  • Half Cell Potential
  • Dust Sampling for Chlorides                                  
  • Schmidt Hammer Testing                                        
  • Wall Tie Inspection/Location  
  • Pull Off Tests
  • Trial Pit Work
  • Load Testing                                                                 
  • Paint Sampling                                                            
  • Cement Concrete Testing

Half Cell Potential Testing

At OneStop Testing Services, our concrete and materials testing service may include half cell potential testing.

To undertake half cell potential testing we use specialised equipment to measure the electrical current from corroding steelwork.

All our equipment at One Stop meets the stipulations of BS 1881 Part 201 and ASTM C876.

Diamond Drilling

Our diamond drilling services are available to extract concrete cores necessary when carrying out compressive strength tests.

Our diamond drilling service is also available for work on providing pipe work access.

Dust Sampling

Dust sampling is primarily for chlorides, cement and sulphate dust. Our dust sampling service involves the process of removing samples of the concrete dust particles which are then tested and analysed in a laboratory.

Schmidt Hammer Testing

Our concrete testing services can offer you a non-destructive way of testing the surface hardness of a part of a particular concrete surface. Our method is known as the Schmidt hammer testing.

Carbonation Test

A carbonation test can be carried out to determine carbonation depth using phenolphthalein solution. Carbonation testing is useful to establish dimensions of steel reinforcement within concrete. Photographic evidence of carbonation tests to expose steel can be found on our website.

Pull Out Tests

Our concrete and materials testing services extends to pull out tests.

Pull out tests are used to test the strength of fixings set within brickwork, concrete and other similar structures. Pull-off tests in contrast are used to determine the attachment of repair patches to concrete structures.

Paint Thickness Testing

Paint thickness testing at OneStop involves using precise measuring equipment to ascertain the exact thickness of paint.

Please contact us to find out more about our paint thickness testing.

Metal Thickness Testing

Metal thickness testing is carried out in a similar way to paint thickness testing, using special equipment to ascertain the thickness of metals.

Please contact us to find out more about metal thickness testing.

BSE Drop Hammer Screed Test

BSE drop hammered screed test involves using specialist equipment to establish the strength of ordinary floating floor screeds.

If you would like to know more about BSE drop hammered screed testvisit our website and contact us today.

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