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OnLiTECH Ltd prides itself on its knowledge and understanding of all aspects of power protection including UPS systems, Stand By Generators, Replacement Batteries and Maintenance. 

OnLiTech Ltd has been providing specialist power protection solutions to the IT and Telecom's industry since 1998. We are an independent company with the facility to provide products from all of the major manufacturers including APC, Riello, Emerson and Borri amongst many others. This allows us to recommend the most suitable product on the market as opposed to just the most suitable from within a particular manufacturers product range.

We offer free unbiased professional advice on all aspects of purchasing, installing and maintaining UPS systems and standy generators and strive to ensure the highest level of service and support at all times. 

Our customers include:

  • Universities,
  • Hospitals
  • City and county councils
  • Large corporate organisations
  • Electrical contractors
  • IT resellers
  • Project management companies & consultants

Further services include:

  • UPS and Generator Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Free Site Surveys
  • Electrical Installations
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Equipment Relocation
  • Replacement Batteries
  • Emergency Lighting Systems

UPS Systems

OnLiTECH Ltd provides UPS Systems form all the leading manufacturers and are able to supply, install and maintain all makes and models of equipment

UPS systems are battery back up systems that provide seemles electrical power to IT equipment in the event of a mains failure. From protecting desktop PC's to complete server room support we are able to advise on all aspects of purchasing, installaing and maintaing this critical equipment.

Stand By Generator

Stand By Generators provide potentailly unlimited power for building and IT equipment in the event of a prolonged mains failure.

OnLiTECH Ltd are able to supply a range of manufcaturers sets to meet specific requirements as well as advise and assist with the installation and ongoing maintenance of these critical systems.

Replacement Batteries

The reliability of a UPS system is dependant upon the condition of the VRLA seal lead acid batteries at it's core. Typical design life is 3-5 years although increased ambient temerature and other factors can result in a serious reduction of this.

Many times the first a client will know of poor battery life is when the replace battery alarm sounds or worse the system does not support the load in the event of mains failure. In either case OnLiTECH Ltd can provide a rapid repsonse with replacement batteries available for most modern UPS systems.  



Critical equipment such as UPS systems and Stand By Generators require regular maintenance to ensure their reliability and to maximise the longevity of the system.

OnLiTECH Ltd are able to offer a wide range of tailored maintenance programmes for all makes of UPS systems and Stand By Generators. As well as regular servicing the contracts will include a guarenteed repsonse time to site and 24/7 cover.

Emergency Lighting

Emergencies such as fires and power failures necessitate emergancy lighting which illuminates immediately in order that people can vacate a building safely.

These systems are dependant on the batteries from which they provide power and so it is critical that they are maintained to a very high standard. European legislation also states that all emergancy lighting systems also known as central battery systems comply with their standard EN5071.

As well as maintaining and supplying replacement batteries for these systems OnLiTECH Ltd can also provide a range of fully compliant systems for new installations.

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