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We provide design and engineering services to a comprehensive range of clients based in the UK and across the world. We offer services that provide conceptual design and development and full scale designs and prototypes for manufacture.

With the University of Liverpool and Harman Technology Ltd, we also assisted with the development of a cell separation device. We provided key engineering expertise and skill to help develop this medical device design.

We utilised physical prototyping and computer modelling to achieve our design and completed the project within the two year time limit and completely on budget.

We also provided designs that include a unique communication system that provides essential support to the elderly or disabled.

Electronic Enclosure Design

We provide electronic enclosure designs in products like the Dexter stock control scanner. This device increases the efficiency of electronically managing stock of any type.

We provide electronic enclosure design from conceptual stage all the way through to managing the tooling data systems. We utilise a mix of usability and ergonomic design to create designs that reach their optimum and match all the customer's requirements.

iOS App Software Development

We recently released an iOS app to over 30 different countries through the Apple App Store. As part of our iOS app software development program, we can help make your vision a reality.

We can help you build an app for devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Consumer Product Design

We have been providing a wealth of industries with consumer product design since 1996. We have a strong design team with immense creativity who work with our expert team of professional engineers to produce work that is outstanding and gives product development real value.

Our consumer product design has been utilised by Schwepps bottles, Veet bladeless razors and Stanley paint pad sets.

With our extensive skill and knowledge of current technology, our designers and engineers can give your company the chance to develop better products and expand your horizons.

Finite Element Analysis

We provide finite element analysis that can be an excellent way to digitally prototype your designs and can extensively reduce your development time and costs.

Our finite element analysis explores the effects of deflection, stress, material properties and temperature and can provide you with detailed information on how your product performs under different situations and how it can be changed to enhance performance.

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