Opto-Mechanical Design


At Opto-Mechanical Design, we have the experience and know-how to provide optical designs. Our optical designs, and additionally our optical simulations, are produced using the Zemax IE optical ray trace program.

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Optical Mechanics

Our optical mechanics are developed by using the AutoDesk "Inventor" Suite. We ensure optical components and the optical system can be manufactured economically and will perform to its specification.

The optical mechanics we have successfully designed include:

  • camera lenses
  • Fourier transform lenses
  • collimators
  • autocollimators
  • components for signalling applications
  • lensless optical systems
Optical Mechanics

Optical Instrumentation

From our base in Yorkshire, we have experience in designing optical instruments and systems. With a strong university base in optical physics, we have a keen understanding of measurement techniques. Combined with mechanical engineering skills, we are able to create optical instrumentation systems which meet your needs.

Optical Instrumentation

Optical Consultancy

We have over 30 years experience working in many fields of optical consultancy, optical design, optical testing, instrumentation design with high-end critical products.

Our optical consultancy includes:

  • performance limits of existing optical systems
  • guide to better optical systems
  • determination of light distribution
  • review of optical patents
Optical Consultancy

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