Orchard Environmental Systems


We design, manufacture and install a range of top quality fume extraction systems and effluent treatment systems. We produce fume extraction systems related to aero engine servicing applications and the metal finishing industry.

We also design and produced a range of superior process systems, tanks, and pipeworks. We specialise in fume extraction and air scrubbers to meet new air regulations.  

Push / Pull Extraction Systems

Our push / pull extraction systems can be used in the aero engine and gas turbine industry. Our treatment and handling of chemicals are in accordance to customer's consent conditions.

Our push / pull extraction systems are covered in our full range of services also including environmental assessment of your present systems, maintenance, operator training, and provision of a new turnkey installation.

GRP Reinforced Process Tanks

We manufacture GRP reinforced process tanks in compliance with Bs4994-87. All our products are in accordance with strict standards recommended by manufacturer's Codes of Practice.

We provide design calculations and verification of manufacturer's material used in our GRP reinforced process tanks to ensure the suitability of all equipment.

Lined Steel Tanks

We manufacture lined steel tanks with a choice of stainless steel, mild steel, GRP, celvin, and rubber linings. Our lined steel tanks are supported with site service, maintenance and repair facilities. We offer quality maintenance with our full range of process tanks, pipework, filters, and acid purification units.

Industrial Gas Turbine Cleaning

Our industrial gas turbine cleaning cleans combustion turbines. Gas turbines have an upstream rotating compressor coupled with a downstream turbine and combustion chamber.

Our industrial gas turbine cleaning also consist of fume scrubbing and recent projects include cleaning, wet de-coating and re-coating of industrial gas turbine engine components for General Electric International Inc. 

Fume Scrubbing

We offer quality fume scrubbing services and we have recently worked with HS Marston Aerospace Ltd, a major plant supplier, to help facilitate with the final cleaning and surface finishing of heat exchangers. Our fume scrubbing services are ideal for components used in the aero industry. 

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