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We are your first choice for all your marking requirements. We offer a range of marking systems including small electrochemical marking kits and complete integrated laser marking systems. Our marking systems can be adapted and tailored to offer a diversity of solutions.

We have a wealth of experience in this industry and have developed a global network of partners who can all provide full support. Together we can supply replacement and consumable items for electrolytic, electrochemical, dot peening, scribing, and laser marking.

Laser Marking

We use a precise laser beam to produce permanent laser marking. It can be applied to a vast variety of metal, plastics and materials.

With the correct software, there are no limitations to our laser marking capabilities and no limits to your labelling ideas. Our laser marking systems are suited for automated markings like consecutive serial numbers and 2D codes.

Electrochemical Marking

Our electrochemical marking process involves an exact copy of a template applied to an electrically conductive product. The current and electrolyte react with one another and, depending on the source and flow, the results are varied.

Electrochemical marking can produce black, white or deep marking systems and without any corrosive effect to the material. No acids or any other dangerous substances are applied and this means the graphic design potential of electrochemical marking are unlimited.

Dot Peening

Our dot peening marking systems, known as point of percussion technology, means materials are marked using carbide tipped tools. This tool, or needle, oscillates through a compressed air application and moves in an X and Y direction and in upward and downward movements.

It results in a dense sequence of singular dots punched into the material, and depending upon the needle frequency, can complete a line.

Dot peening offers a wealth of design potential including the creation of characters, logos, digits and 2D codes.


Scribing is a marking system similar to needle embossing. Pressure is applied to a special scribing needle and moves over the area to be marked.

This type of scribing results in a more precise clean marking made up of fine lines. Scribing also has a low noise operation procedure and because more lateral force occurs with scribing, the heads have a spindle drive instead of a belt drive.

Data Matrix Marking

Data matrix marking is the perfect partner to marking systems. Data matrix marking consists of applied 2D codes read out by a handheld scanner and a fixed camera system.

Data matrix marking can be used in the most harsh environments and not only lasers but also needle embosses and generates codes securely recognised.

Contract Marking

We now offer a high quality contract marking service for when you are not sure what system is most suitable for your project.

The advantages of our contract marking include:

  • No purchase of equipment
  • No special training of your staff
  • High quality of mark
  • Very cost effective
  • No minimum quantity
  • Can easily compare different systems

We can provide a range of marking systems and on our premises we have facilities for electrolytic marking, dot peening, laser marking, and datamatrix verification.

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