Oxford Industrial Finishers Ltd


We are the complete finishing solution - all aspects of surface preparation leading to powder coating or industrial wet painting.

Chemical stripping/Grit blasting and Bead blasting

We are able to undertake either (chemical) stripping or grit blasting of metal components as appropriate 

Rubbing/ sanding down is all included as part of our service.

Surface Pre-treatment

Components are either hand degreased or put through our dedicated phosphate machine - which as well as degreasing and cleaning applies a fine protective coat of iron phosphate. This coating provides corrosion resistance and provides a key for the paint.

Surface Pre-treatment - 

For aluminium components (up to 400mm * 500mm * 700mm) we offer Alocrom 1200 - offering particularly effective corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity properties.


For the high technology community that we serve what we do not paint is often as important as what we do paint!

Precision masking ensures for example electrical components have a proper earth and masked studs and threads ensure ease of assembly following painting. For larger component volumes we source tailor made laser cut heat proof masking kits - ensuring quicker and more precise masking of components.

Powder Coating

Powders are available in a wide range of colours, textures and gloss levels (a matt or satin finish through to a "full" gloss)

Paint manufacturers are constantly developing speciality finishes - metallic silvers and gold's for example. We are one of only a few coaters in the UK that can provide a "soft feel" powder coating

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