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At Page Concrete & Steel we use high quality materials and carry out daily concrete cube tests to ensure the production of reliable products.

We produce Dirty Water Tanks in multiples of standard 2.4m and 3.0m square sizes by 2.44m deep.

We can cast Inlet, Outlet, and Centre holes of any size and position into the wall units.

Page Concrete & Steel can supply tanks with reinforced concrete covers and lockable manhole covers if access is required.   

Flooring Planks

Page Concrete & Steel Ltd produce solid 150mm thick Floor Planks. These Flooring Planks comply with building regulations.

The flooring Planks have anchors cast into them. This makes them quick and easy to install on site.

We manufacture a variety of widths, raked ends and provide cut out services if required.

Free Standing Walls

We manufacture various Free Standing Walls.  We can make 'L shape' retaining wall units of any height up to 3.6m. They can be loadable on one side or both.

At Page Concrete & Steel we also produce inverted 'T shape' retaining wall units. These can be 2.0m up to 3.0m high and loadable on one side or both.

All our Free Standing Wall units are pinned to prevent movement. 

We specially manufacture them so they are quick and easy to install.

Free Standing Walls

Grid Slats & Cubicles

We can create Grid Slats to various spans and loadings. We can produce them with diagonal slats, straight gang slats and solid covers are also available.

At Page Concrete & Steel we can manufacture cubicles 2134-2438 long by 1143-1219 wide. We can produce them with a 50mm slope down to heel, a straight leg galvanised steel cubicle and we have other types of cubicles upon request.

To prevent the cow from lying on the concrete join a steel cubicle can be place in the middle or to one side of the concrete section .

Grid Slats & Cubicles

Retaining Walls

We produce pre-sstressed walling panels for customers who wish to install their own retaining walls.

They have tongue and groove joints which form a complete seal when mastic is used in the construction.

All our panels are made for easy handling as every panel have a lifting socket cast in them. This also allows for the wall to be dismantled and reconstructed in a different location.

We also manufacture reinforced products for single bay panel walling.

Retaining Walls

Slurry Channels

At Page Concrete & Steel Ltd we can constructed Slurry channels with pre-stressed concrete wall panels .

For quick and easy installation we can produce galvanised steel goal post frames.

The slurry channel floor is concreted once the wall panels are installed to seal the base. 

Alternatively we can manufacture a concrete "U" shape slurry channel.  The Slurry Channel will be 2.44m long x 1.1m wide x 1m deep (external dimensions).

We also produce grid slats for the slurry channels that can withstand an axle loading of 6 or 8 tonne. 

Slurry Channels

Stock Walling

Stock Walling is an alternative to block work. It is a quick, easy and inexpensive means of installing a wall system. Stock walling is perfect for any stored material that bears a light load.

We can create Pre-stressed concrete Stock Wall panels in multiples of 1.5m, 1.2m and 1.0m high and up to 6.5m long.

Stock Walling

Stairs & Landings

We construct Stairs & Landings to our customers desired dimensions.

We use steel moulds to cast the Stairs & Landings.

Our stair flights can be supported by steel work, precast concrete landings or quarter landings build into the stair flight.

Stairs & Landings

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