Paintshield Ltd.

Stone Chips?  The ultimate in Car Paint Protection is here !

The solution is clear if you want  . . . .

  • Car Paint Protection eliminates Stone Chips and minor scuffing damage.
  • Car Paint Protection Improves resale Values  
X-Pel - from Paintshield Ltd is the ultimate "cosmetic insurance for your car", just a few benefits:

  • Car Paint Protection
  • Car Paint Protection is Car wash Friendly
  • Computer designed (No cutting on the car)
  • 4 Year Paint protection warranty
  • Car Paint Protection has no differrential Paint Fading  
  • Certified installers to ensure quality workmanship
  • Car Paint Protection - no aftercare or special maintainence
  • Extensive database of shapes
We offer the consumer & the installer the benefit of a risk free solution to the problem.
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