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Para Tech Coating UK is a specialist in conformal coating offering a professional service with expert knowledge. A leading conformal coating company, we are independent and flexible with outstanding service.

Parylene Coating

For the protection of devices, parylene coating is considered to be the ultimate coating. We have an advanced parylene coating service providing you with a product with many benefits.

Liquid Coating

Liquid Coating is a service we are proud to specialise in and we strive to provide excellent service. With our background knowledge and experience, we will supply you with personal advice on theĀ liquid coatingĀ to meet your needs.

Medical Components

For medical components, look no further than Para Tech Coating. We will work with you to ensure you find the medical components you need.

Optical Coating

We have a number of years experience in the business of optical coating. We offer unique service to our customers who require optical coating for a myriad of applications.

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