Parkes (Machine Tools) Ltd.

~~PARKES MACHINE TOOLS was incorporated on 2nd November 1944, and since the 1980's we have specialized in the following used machine types and are recognized around the world as specialists in these fields:

Multislide Strip/Wire Forming Machines

High Speed Punching Presses

Horizontal Impact Extrusion Presses

Transfer (Eyelet) Presses

Hot Brass Forging Presses

Rotary Transfer Machines
In 1952 we joined The British Association of Machine Tool Merchants and today we are still members of that same, but renamed, European Association of Machine Tool Merchants, the E.A.M.T.M. and one of it's oldest founding members!

We welcome all enquiries. With over 69 years of continuous trading experience we have many knowledgeable contacts around the world to assist us in finding and selling the rarest of used machines.

Please contact us regarding any used machinery requirements that you may have, or surplus machines that you wish to sell - we are ready to travel to any global destination to inspect suitable equipment. We pay promptly by wire bank transfer or irrevocable Letters of Credit.

From our huge database we can normally match customers with machines that are in good order and competitively priced.





Parkes (Machine Tools) Ltd. Overview