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The aim of the Eco-Park System is to provide cost-effective, sustainable car parks which are increasingly conscious of energy savings and advancing in this progressively energy conscious age.

The Eco-Park System has been in continual development for 20 years; ever since HC-PVE introduced the thrust systems onto the market.

The Eco-Park System is all about savings and here are just a few which you can benefit from:

  • Savings on number of fans used
  • Savings on cabling
  • Savings on containment
  • Savings on system power consumption (Running Costs)
  • Savings on installation time

Car Park Induction Ventilation System

With the Car Park Induction Ventilation System there is the opportunity to reduce energy consumption by 50%.

This is not the only prospective benefit of the Car Park Induction Ventilation System. As a top of the range system there are a number of other energy and cost savings, including:

  • Excavation Savings
  • Installation Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Maintenance Savings

Axial Flow Fans

HC-PVE have an extensive range of Axial Flow Fans.

Models include a long cased axial and the range can suit applications and requirements such as roof fans or emergency smoke extract fans. The Axial Flow Fans can run up to 400°C for 2 hours and all models are fully tested and certified.

The emergency smoke extract fans are used for pressurisation and corridor venting and the roof fans range can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are laminated with steel plate.

Smoke Panel and Detection

A key requirement for any car park or similar infrastructure, HC-PVE's Smoke Panel and Detection range is complete with multi-criteria smoke detectors and a fire/smoke detection panel.

The Smoke Panel and Detection range has two different sensing options; optical and heat. Optical sensing is created via an infra-red LED light and heat sensing is created by two thermistors.

Emergency Generators

HC-PVE's emergency generators have a number of features that you can only benefit from with HC-PVE's range.

The emergency standby diesel generators are especially durable as they are mounted within a weatherproof and acoustic close fit canopy which is specifically designed to reduce noise pollution.

Other benefits of these emergency generators include:

  •  Engine cooling via a tropical capacity radiator with engine driven cooling fan. Designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 50 Deg.
  • Set mounted 3 pole circuit breaker
  • Day base fuel tank with fuel contents gauge and fill point
  • New age alternator

Dampers and Grillage

If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting dampers then look no further than HC-PVE's Dampers and Grillage range.

Within this Dampers and Grillage range are dampers which provide automatic shut off of airflow in ducts and voids in the case of fire. Also, the  Fan Chamber Intake Grilles create the minimum resistance to air flow which is imperative for an underground car park environment.

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