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Particle Technology are used by many companies to test their products in a variety of circumstances involving dust particles. These include customers such as vacuum cleaner manufacturers testing equipment performance to aircraft engineers who are testing their product reliability in dusty environments.

We can offer a wide variety of quality particle technology products and services to reduce costs and improve efficiency to new and existing customers worldwide.

We have many years of experience in particle technology and test conditions that involve particles.

Sand and Dust Testing

We provide sand and dust testing to meet military and industry standards in UKAS approved test chambers. We can allow for bespoke sand and dust testing including vibrations testing. 

The larger of the two chambers is 12.5 metres long, 6 metres wide and 4 metres high and is the largest in the UK, the second chamber is 4m long, 4m wide and 2.5m high, both chambers are temperature and humidity controlled. Our sand and dust testing facilities meet all the major specifications for dust penetration and erosion for swirling and driving conditions.

Sand and Dust Testing

Component Cleanliness Analyser to ISO 16232

How clean are your components after your manufacturing and multi stage cleaning processes? Perhaps not as clean as you think. We can provide a component cleanliness analyser to ISO 16232 that will provide the solution you need.

Our component cleanliness analyser to ISO 16232 includes the following specifications:

  • Power supply: 240v
  • Footprint: Height = 1700cm Width = 1500cm diameter 600cm
  • Software: MS Windows - network enabled
  • Particle size: 1µm to 2000µm
  • Liquid media: water or solvent
  • Surfactant: for water based (non toxic, totally soluble)
  • Effluent waste: refer to MSDS
  • Temperature control: yes
  • Pressure wash control: yes
  • Ultrasonic wash: available
  • Filters: exchangeable 0.5µm cartridge
  • Various analyser sizes are available depending on the dimensions of the component under test
Component Cleanliness Analyser to ISO 16232

Standard Test Dusts

The production of standard test dusts is one of our critical operations. Our standard test dusts are used across the world for the testing and certification of a wide range of equipment such as automotive and aerospace engines, filtration systems and machinery.


The test dust production department within our business has considerable experience in manufacturing test dust to meet UK, EU, US, Japanese and ISO Standards.


Test dust can also be manufactured to specific requirements of the customer whatever the distribution and composition. Standard test dusts are available which simulate the environment in everything from the desert to the city, from gas pipeline to aviation fuel, from railways to aircraft. This allows you as the customer to test your products in real life situations in order to achieve product superiority.

Standard Test Dusts

Analyzer Microscope

We have a state of the art XGT-7000 analyzer microscope to enable us to analyse specific mineral composition of any metallic contamination captured on a membrane cleanliness test filter.

This type of high specification analyzer microscope is vital for identifying particle contamination. This contamination can cause equipment failure and hence potentially catastrophic consequences.

Our analyzer microscope testing is useful to many industries including forensics, automotive, medical, and the aerospace sectors.

Analyzer Microscope

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