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Partner Electronics is a design company that works closely with its technical customers to achieve results as fast and as cost effectively as possible

With a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers, we provide a broad range of electronic design skills and resources to your project, as it is needed. This gives the project manager the flexibility and control to optimise the project for fast completion or cost, or to react to the unexpected

Specialist Areas

Our engineering team is made up of engineers with many years of experience with major engineering companies, taking products from concept through to production. Some of the areas we have experience in are:-

  • Design and development of electronic hardware
  • Analogue and RF circuit and system design
  • Sensor and instrumentation design
  • Optoelectronics, including semiconductor lasers, modulators and detectors
  • Digital, high speed, and gigabit transmitters and receivers
  • Microcontroller, DSP and embedded computers
  • Embedded software, firmware and logic design using FPGA and CPLD
  • iPhone apps and accessory development
  • Software development including VB.NET, C++ and C#

Need Engineers?

Looking for contractors?
If you are looking for engineering contractors to augment your team, then we would like to suggest a better and more cost effective solution

Partner Electronics can provide the additional resource your team needs in a flexible and controllable way, whilst reducing overall cost and risk
  Benefits of working with Partner Electronics
  • Access to skilled and experienced engineering team
  • Vary skills mix and level throughout project
  • Pay for resource as it is required, rather than fixed weekly costs
  • Flexible and able to react to your project needs
  • We don't disappear at the end of a project and are available for low level ongoing support or fast response on further tasks
  • Avoid IR35 and other contractor related issues
  • Simple and professional relationship, often avoiding agencies and HR

Product Development

Partner Electronics can provide a full product development service or subset as required, including the project management, development, testing and introduction to manufacturing

With many years experience at every stage of product development, we can take your idea from concept to production

The first stage is to understand and agree the product goals and a mode of working. This describes the scope of work, the responsibilites and how risks and costs are communicated and managed. This is important as we recognise that initial expectations of a product change and evolve as the development progresses, and a good understanding from the beginning helps resolve these challenges effectively

From here the phases and milestones of the project can be defined that then become the outline for the rest of the development. These phases will depend on the product and the goals, but will typically include

  • Feasibility and specification (if not already complete)
  • High level design
  • Development and prototype
  • Pre-production Development and Product Testing and Approval
  • Pilot Production
  • Full Production

At each stage Partner Electronics can provide support, design resource or full project management.  Regular feedback is given to manage risk and cost.


Partner Electronics Ltd. provide a series of products aimed at professional engineers wanting to keep costs and development timescales low. No need to do it yourself when we can supply a cost effective and proven solution.  

Our 2A high efficiency switching regulators are ideal drop-in replacements for where linear regulators would otherwise generate too much heat or lose you too much power. They are pin out compatible with the standard 78xxx linear regulator series but are up to 92% efficient, and can supply up to 1A without a heatsink. more

About Partner electronics

Partner Electronics was formed in 2007 by group of experienced engineers who sought to provide an innovative resource to engineering teams. It is wholly owned by the directors and is totally independent

Our aim is to provide a more flexible and cost effective option to engineering and project managers who need additional resource and skills to complete their projects. From our experience of managing projects we know that particular skills are required at varying levels during a project, and we are set up to provide those resources in a flexible way

The company has had continual growth. In February 2008 it moved into offices at Silverstone Innovation Centre which provided an excellent environment to build the new business. By 2010 larger premises were needed and New Rookery Farm in Silverstone village, just a mile or so down the road, was selected as a site that could provide the facilites needed for the growing company. In March 2010 the move was made into the new facilities with larger offices, a new workshop, and meeting rooms.

Analogue Circuit Design

Analogue circuits are still vital to system design. Whilst more and more general purpose analogue circuitry is being integrated with digital controllers, knowledge of the analogue interaction will always ensure the best design. Our experienced team has the skills and threoretical knowledge to bring to the design.

Our skills and experience includes the following areas:-

  • Low noise circuit design
  • Noise and TDMA noise suppression in audio circuits
  • Precision measurement techniques
  • A-to-D and D-to-A conversion
  • High Speed circuit design
  • Power supply
  • Power management
  • Spice circuit modelling and analysis
Analogue Circuit Design

Opto Electronics and Fibre Optics

We have years of experience with optical components and subsystems in both the telecoms and sensor applications. This includes experience with

  • Visible and invisible wavelength semiconductor lasers, low and high power
  • Gigabit transmitters and receivers to 10Gbit/s
  • Tunable lasers
  • Digital drivers and detectors up to 12G
  • Modulators (Electro-absorption, Electro-optic, Mach-Zehnder, Acousto-optic)
  • PIN and APD detectors
  • Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) detectors
  • Passive optical components (WDMs, filters, isolators, splitters, etc.)
  • Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers (EDFAs)

Many optical sensor systems use the non-ideal and non-linear effects of the optical fibre that are avoided and minimised in telecoms systems. For instance the Rayleigh scattering that is the main cause of power loss in single mode fibre, is also the mechanism used by Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs). Other non-linear effects such as Brillouin scattering are also used for sensors.

Opto Electronics and Fibre Optics

Digital Design

Logic and digital circuitry commonly dominates modern designs. We have can provide skills and experience of discrete logic right up to complex FPGA design. This includes experience with

  • Low power design
  • High speed and 10GHz+
  • FPGA and CPLD design
  • Altera, Xilinx, Lattice and Actel
  • ModelSim simulation 
  • High speed digital PCB Layout techniques
  • PCI Interface
Digital Design


Microcontrollers are now used widely in many applications and Partner Electronics has significant experience with many of the commonly used devices as well as some of the more esoteric.

We can help you at all stages, whether you need help choosing the appropriate device for the job, implementing the core functionality, or updating and modifying existing firmware.

Our experience includes the following

  • SiLabs, Atmel Atmega, Microchip PIC, NXP (Philips), Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Cyppress PSoC, as well as many others
  • Digital Signal Processors (DSP) such as those by Texas Instruments, Analog Devices and Motorola (Freescale)
  • FPGA Embedded processors
  • Interfaces: I2C (and TWI), SMBus, USB, RS232/RS485, SPI as well as custom and semi-custom designs
  • Control and use of ADC, DAC and other specialist peripherals.
  • Selection of microcontrollers suitable to fit the application covering both the firmware and circuit design issues
  • Our firmware engineers have experience with many embedded compilers including, IAR, SDCC, Keil, HI-TECH, gnuarm, WinAVR,...


Complementary to our broad expertise with microcontrollers, we also provide the ability to develop the code

  • Programming in C, C++, Forth and assembler
  • IAR, GCC, SDCC, Keil C cross compilers
  • Feedback control systems
  • Precision measurement systems
  • Use of SPI, I2C, USB, video and serial interfaces

Embedded Linux

The use of embedded linux within products has been a decision many companies are now making.  Partner Electronics have expertise in

  • Centos Linux, AVR32 Linux
  • Device drivers
  • Custom Kernels
  • Application software
  • Real-time applications
  • Network based and client-server applications

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