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Here at Patent Seekers, we specialise in providing standard and bespoke patent research to meet your individual requirements. We provide professional patent research to support companies, attorneys, R&D departments and venture capitalists around the world. Our teams specialise in different technical areas including electrical, mechanical, software, pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer products.

Patent Services

We provide reliable patent services worldwide for a variety of technical areas. Our unrivaled patent services include patentability, patent busting, freedom to operate, state of the art (landscape) and competitor monitoring.

Chemical Patents

Our chemical patents include organic, inorganic, physical and solid state chemistry, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy and materials science.

Our knowledge is gained from experience. Our chemical patents specialists are experienced in:

  • Technical and macro molecular chemistry, in particular polymerisations, plastics, polymers, elastomers, adhesives, polymer processing and analysis
  • Inorganic chemistry, in particular catalysts, construction chemistry, ceramics
  • Physical chemistry, in particular coating of surfaces, spectroscopy
  • Analytical and diagnostic methods

Electronic Patents

Our electronic patents team has vast experience and expertise in both digital and analogue electronics. Our electronic patents expertise includes telecommunication systems, control and power electronics, and device fabrication. Our teams are ready to accept any challenge.

Engineering Patents

Our engineering patents experts specialise in simple household appliances to complicated control systems for aircraft. Our engineering patents teams are highly skilled and provide services customised to meet individual client requirements. We specialise in agriculture equipment, automotive engineering, knitting equipment, product manufacture, structural engineering, and medical engineering.

Medical Patents

Our medical patents experts understand how the medical industry is a worldwide market place with fierce competition thereby making the protection of new advancements essential. We have extensive experience and knowledge and our advanced medical patents services include:

  • The existence, status and scope of particular patents
  • The novelty of an invention or industrial design
  • General awareness literature searches for information or research purposes
  • International patent watching searches (particularly in Europe and the USA)

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