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Patrico stocks a large range of plastic drinks bottles, which is constantly updated to meet current demands. The company works very closely with its customers to ensure that the right container is supplied at the right time.

Plastic drinks bottles supplied by Patrico are great containers for a variation of drinks from water, carbonated soft drinks, still drinks and alcohol. Larger plastic drinks bottles can be used as a container for edible oils and other food products.

PET Bottles

Stocking a range of PET bottles, Patricos new online webshop is the best place to find the product you need, with free shipping to mainland UK.

PET bottles ranging in neck size 28mm - 43mm, from 250ml to 5l, with or without handles.

PET plastic does not contain BPA, and provides 40 times more protection against oxygen transmission than HDPE.

Globally recognized as a safe and recyclable packaging material, PET is a non toxic and safe option for the storage of food and beverages.

Juice Bottles

We stock a range of juice bottles from round to square, with a choice of coloured caps. All of our juice bottles have an industry standard sized neck form of 38mm and can be stocked in sizes varying from 250ml to 1l bottles.

PET bottles make the perfect container for fruit juices and smoothies due to their light weight and sparkling clarity.

Cold Press Juice Bottles

The market for smoothies and pressed juices is rapidly growing, at Patrico we can supply you with a range of PET containers in sizes from 250ml.

PET bottles offer protection against oxygen and carbon dioxide migration and the impact of light. This keeps your drink fresh and prolongs the products shelf life.

Visit our website to view our full range of PET bottles.

Square Juice Bottles

Our square juice bottles are suitable for juices, smoothies, iced drinks and detox cleanses. Weighing just 20g for a 250ML bottle, their light weight design and options for different coloured tops, make square juice PET bottles perfect for healthy juices and smoothies.

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