Paul Flum International


Research shows that placing freestanding displays in store, giving products a presence additional to their position on shelf, increases impulse sales - depending on position - by up to 400%

Increasing its customers’ impulse sales is the business of Paul Flum International.

Paul Flum has been designing and manufacturing display equipment for over 50 years, gaining a reputation for producing the highest quality and most robust plastic display racks available. Its products are in use on every continent and in every trade channel, including some of the most demanding retail markets in the world.


Founded by Paul Flum in 1956, the USA Corporation Paul Flum Ideas excelled in sales promotions and merchandising point-of-sale displays for many companies, developing a highly successful line of display fixtures and forming a close association with the soft drinks industry, which has been maintained ever since.

In the early 1990s, Paul Flum International was founded in the UK, creating new European manufacturing and design facilities for the Paul Flum brand, opening new markets in Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Republics, the Middle East and Africa.

The Future
Paul Flum International continues to develop its range of products, with an eye on best value for its clients. Delivering a good return on money invested in display equipment, in terms of increased sales and the profit they generate, is the way forward.

Display Racks

The whole range is tough yet attractive, giving reliability in-store along with a high level of trade acceptance.

Floor Stacking

Simple and effective designs in innovative materials promoting brand visibility in-store to maximise impulse purchases.

Shelf Organisation

Giving great on shelf presence to outdo the competition and give ease of shopping to consumers

Bulk Displays

Display solutions that give a premium look to bulk displays that cause minimul in-store disruption when re-stocking.

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