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PB Flooring specialise in underfloor heating, liquid screeds, concrete, concrete polishing and coloured screeds.

Based in the West Midlands close to Birmingham we offer a national service, as well as a very quick and cost effective service to the local areas of Stourbridge, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Kidderminster, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Droitwich, Coventry and Warwick.

We also offer a floor preparation and floor/crack repair service where we can provide diamond grinding, floor sanding, liquid DPM installation, shot blasting, resin grouts, stitch bonding and floor sawing.  To compliment this service we can also lay theself levelling compounds required to complete your floor.

PB Flooring offer the one stop shop for your floor heating and screeding needs, you will never have the inconvenience of calling round different trades or companies to get the flooring package and service that you want.

Contact Paul for all your flooring requirements on : 07580172586

Liquid Screed

Liquid screed is a calcium sulphate based screed which is delivered from the suppliers in truck mixers and placed on to the floor by pump.

Liquid screed is fast becoming the most popular screed for use on all types of building projects due to the reduced installation time in comparison to traditional sand and cement screeds up to 1000m2 can be laid in a day.  It is also the screed of choice for underfloor heating due to the fact it flows all around the pipes leaving no air gaps making the whole system much more effective both in performance and cost.

PB Flooring can offer liquid screed installation and supply throughout the west midlands and the UK, areas we cover are:

Stourbridge, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Cambridge, Oxford, Gloucester, Cheltenham,

Worcester, Malvern, Telford, Shrewsbury, Kidderminster, Bridgnorth, the North west, North east and London.

Liquid Screed

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is fast becoming the new big thing in flooring, it offers not only a beautifully finished floor suitable for showrooms, offices and homes but also offers a more cost effective and greener floor.

Most houses today have a concrete floor put in over insulation followed by more insulation, screed and then a floor finish such as tiles, wood, vinyl or carpet.  With a polished concrete floor you would put in insulation then install only a concrete slab up to your finished floor level.  This removes the need and expense required for installing extra insulation, screed and floor finish.

Once laid the concrete would be power floated so that it is nice and flat and then once cured it would be polished to a very high gloss finish and then sealed to protect it from staining.

In new applications the concrete can be coloured using pigments and dyes so that the entire floor is one uniform colour, or through the use of coloured aggregates and glass so that the colour of the aggregate shows through the grey of the concrete.


Please take a look at our website to see what colours and finishes are available or contact Paul on 07580172586.

Concrete Polishing

Floor Preparation

Whether you have a factory floor that needs repairing or cracks in your floor at home PB Flooring can offer a cost effective solution.

Floor Preparation and Repairs

PB Flooring specialise in the preparation and repair of concrete floors to make them ready for the application of self levelling compounds and floor finishes, the services that we offer are;
-Diamond floor grinding
-Floor Sanding
-Shot Blasting
-Floor Sawing
-Liquid DPM Application
-Crack repairs
-Stitch Bonding
-Resin grout repairs

Floor Preparation

Concrete Flooring

PB Flooring offer a concrete service supplying and laying concrete for all types of job, whether it be footings, floor slabs or underpinning with either traditional or self compacting concretes.  We also offer power floating, polishing and polished concrete work tops.

Self Compacting Concrete

Self Compacting concrete is a very versatile product that can be used in many applications such as:-
- Floor slabs
- Industrial floor slabs
- Commercial slabs
- Domestic Floors
- Structural Toppings
Self compacting concrete is offers a high quality finish which can eliminate the need for power floating. It is compatible with most floor finishes or used as a finished floor itself.  Again its advantage is speed of installation as well as the increased strength due to its concrete properties.  Once laid this product can be walked on after 24 hours and worked on after 72 hours.

Concrete Flooring

Underfloor Heating

PB Flooring offers both wet underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating depending on the requirements your project has.

We can supply and install systems that will give you the most economical heating system that fits with your project and budget.

Under floor heating works by pumping controlled flows of warm water from a boiler, or other heat source, through plastic tubing embedded in the floor.  Due to the emitting area being large, the warmth provided is quite sufficient even on a cold winter day without the need for any extra heat source.

This method is well suited to all normal floor types, solid or timber. There is a wide freedom of choice of floor coverings.
The most important aspect is designing a bespoke heating system that will not only deliver the precise amount of heating required in your home, but also will be economical and high performing. Factors such as wall thicknesses, amounts of glazing, building materials and physical location, all affect the buildings heat loss. PB Flooring designs individual heating systems that take into account all the relevant factors, and creates a bespoke design for every project, because every project is different.

PB Flooring believes that it is essential to have individual room temperature control. That way, the user can control the individual comfort requirements of every room in the home, because every room is different, this can be provided through a wired or wireless system.

We offer a supply only as well as an installation service using a fully trained installation team.  Please contact us now on 07580172586 to get a quote on your underfloor heating requirements.

Electric Underfloor Heating

PB Flooring can supply and install both cable and mat electric underfloor heating systems to your project.

These systems are perfect for under tiled, wood and carpeted floors in to give a wonderfully warm floor and room.

Kits from 1.0 to 30m2 are available as well as a selection of room thermostats, controllers, insulation and tape.

For more information please contact one of our underfloor heating specialists on 07580172586.

Underfloor Heating

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