PCB Piezotronics Ltd


PCB Piezotronics manufacture sensors for acoustics, vibration, dynamic force, pressure, load and torque. Our recently expanded range of ICP® microphones and preamps are typically maintained in stock as are our most popular accelerometers, force and pressure sensors with delivery to our customers in less than 5 days. 

Our IMI Sensors range of ruggedised accelerometers with both mV/g and 4-20mA outputs includes high temperature models up to 700°C with associated accessories http://www.imi-sensors.com 

We offer small modal and general purpose shakers, portable and laboratory accelerometer, microphone and pressure calibration systems from the Modal Shop. We also have access to their full range of rental accelerometers, hammers and associated equipment. http://www.modalshop.com/

PCB Piezotronics Ltd operates under a policy of Total Customer Satisfaction

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