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PCD Maltron Ltd are Ergonomic Keyboard specialists that supply specially designed computer keyboards for people who want to increase their productivity whilst ensuring thay do not run the risk of realated injuries such as RSI.

Ergonomic keyboards are an ideal way of tackling long term issues in relation to stress and injury caused by the use of normal keyboards.

PCD Maltron Ltd will supply the solution for your keyboard requirements.

Single Hand Keyboards

PCD Maltron single hand keyboards have been developed in response to the needs of people wanting a specific single handed keyboard.

The keyboards are designed to reduce hand movement thus increasing the speed of operation and minimising fatigue. The keyboards have been planned in their layout and key shapes. Ther are both right and left handed single hand keyboards and they will reduce strain and RSI type injuries.

Dual Hand Fully Ergonomic (3D) Keyboards

Injuries from keyboard operatoring is a frustrating part of modern working life and the subsequent enforced unemployment and legal compensation is always a concern.

Maltron anti RSI keyboards can reduce these injuries and the pain associated with the problems. Our fully ergonomic 3D keyboards are designed to fit the easy movements of fingers, thumbs and hand movements and we believe them to be the market leading ergonomic keyboards available today.

Maltron Dual Hand Flat (2D) Keyboard

PCD Maltron Ltd also supply dual hand fully ergonomic 3D keyboards that increase the users productivity and relieving the stress of RSI type injuries. They differ a lot from traditional keyboards in their layouts but we believe thet are the best ergonomic keyboards available today

Head/Mouth Stick Keyboard

Our single finger or head/mouth stick keyboards are designed to minimise any head or finger movement with a special keyboard design. These keyboards can be known as head keyboards or mouth keyboards and they are specifically designed to reduce the movements involved in operation thus increasing speed and relieving stress.

Maltron Expanded Keyboard

Our Maltron expanded keyboard was originally designed for people suffering from cerebal palsy as they can be cleaned easily and strongly constructed. They are ideal for the physically disabled or visually impaired as well. The keyboard has a layout that prevents error key strikes and long term damage.

The Maltron expanded keyboard has a keyboard size of 63cm x 25cm and has clear characters with black on white colouring. Function keys are in pink and control keys in yellow.

They can placed on the floor and situated at the end of beds for the user to operate by their toes.

Keyboard Hire

Maltron can also offer you the service of keyboard hire, only available in the UK, and is an ideal way of introducing yourself to our keyboards if you have not tried them before.

Maltron ergonomic keyboards are designed for ease of use and their reduction of the users pain and RSI injuries.

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