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Here at PCE Instruments, we manufacture and supply a wide range of test equipment for commercial and industrial customers. We specialise in high quality products to meet your requirements together with preventive maintenance and repair services.

Moisture Meters

We supply moisture meters that are designed to measure relative air humidity and combined devices that measure temperature. These are suitable for use in industrial, transport and gardening sectors as they are very versatile.

Our range of moisture meters offer the ability to measure different ranges of humidity depending on the model. Once the measurements have been taken the data is stored into the memory to be transferred to a computer for further detailed analysis.

We usually supply your moisture meter with an ISO calibration certificate and some of our models are legally validated.

Sound Level Meters

Our industrial standard sound level meters are used to determine sound levels by measuring the sound level pressure. The sound enters through a microphone input, evaluated inside the device and then the measurement values are displayed in decibels. Being portable they enable you can carry out measurements as required to quickly to gain control of a situation or you can have them permanently installed to take constant measurements.

We manufacture sound level meter to meet the highest industrial standards and to be lightweight and easy to use. They will measure and display values from 0 to 130 dB.


We manufacture and supply high quality hygrometers for measuring the humidity content in the atmosphere. We offer hygrometers that can measure relative air humidity as well as combined devices that can also measure temperature.

In sectors such as residential and commercial construction, industrial, transportation and gardening, relative humidity is an important factor. By using one of our versatile hygrometers you can take measurements, store them to memory and transfer data to a computer for further detailed analysis.

Force Gauges

We offer both mechanical force gauges and digital force gauges to suit your individual requirements.

Our range of force gauges provide quality and performance for use in laboratories, for measurement and knowledge deficits on the job or in the field. Measurements are accurate to ±0.3% of the load and have a range of 20% of the surface weight. Our gauges provides measurements in grams (g) and Newton (N).

By using a compression kit to measure you can convert a traction meter, with a simple change, into a compression meter.



We manufacture and supply durometers designed to determine surface hardness of several materials. Our impressive range of durometers includes a device that will determine the hardness of various materials such as metal, plastic, rubber and fabric.

Our digital durometers are practical and feature an internal rechargeable battery. They have an internal memory to store information until the data is transferred to a computer via a USB interface.

Durometers will measure the depth of an indentation in a material caused by a defined force of a given geometric presser foot. Please visit our website for further information.

Gloss Meter

A gloss meter is especially needed when a big company produces products with a big lot size. When high lot sizes are produced it is essential for the company to ensure that the colours and the gloss are the same on every single product. The gloss meter is easy to use, compact and solidly built. The gloss meter is specially designed to take measurements on the spot or by the professional on the job and is highly valued by workers in technical services that must take test measurements offsite.


A viscometer is a measuring instrument to determine the toughness, also called viscosity, of different liquids. A viscometers is most frequently used in laboratories. However, it is also needed in process control. It can work with different principles. Many different types of visometers have been developed. Users can find a viscometer in different editions and for various measuring purposes.

There is a type of viscometer which can be used for simple single-point measurements. This type of device is portable which means that it can be used for stationary measurements but also for on-site measurements.

Hanging Scales

We offer you different types of hanging scales which are ideal for industrial, commercial or agricultural trading, and also for sport and leisure. Our line of hanging scales cover almost all weighing ranges (from 20 g to 10 t) and they are equipped with a shock-proofdevice. With our hanging scales you will be able to weigh many items, from small goods up to big containers or material, anything that can be suspended, the hanging scales can act as another connector to your crane or a stable hanging connection. You can evaluate the weight while secondarily moving the items if necessary.

Hanging Scales

Air Flow Meters

The air flow meter measures air velocity and air pressure. Depending on the type of application, the air flow meter is made as a hot-wire air flow meter or a pocket weather flow meter, both of which can measure air velocity and air pressure.
The results of measuring the air velocity can be stored in memory, depending on the model. There are a lot of air flow meters available. The air flow meter is ideal for taking quick or constant measurements  including monitoring ventilation installations, process checking, suitable for industry, private workshops, nautical enthusiasts, or other hobbies.

Clamp Meters

The clamp meter is ideal for measuring AC or DC voltage. The instrument is irreplaceable for inspection work and maintenance in various industrial applications, in research and development, in residential applications and in many small businesses or households. The PCE line of clamp meter is made according to the highest industry standards and very important: PCE offers instruments that are usable in all workspaces (equipped with very small or even very large jaws), the results are reliable and the clamps are easy to use.


The borescope is the ideal tool for inspection and maintenance, anywhere it is difficult to reach and analyze a particular physical situation. Thanks to its flexible fiber optic cables and its lightweight enclosure, the extraordinarily agile borescope can locate problems and conflicts very easily and quickly, allowing for preventative measures to be taken without the need to first dismantle the machinery, or system.

The video borescope is used by industrial quality inspectors, pipefitters, electricians, engineers, construction inspection, law enforcement and security, locksmiths, HVAC technicians, and mechanics. The mobile borescope is a great tool in research facilities.


Colorimeters are used to measure various water parameters in industry, in laboratories, on site, in gardening and in the environment. 15 digital mono colorimeters for water testing are available from our online shop (including replacement parts, reagents, technical data). We are always happy to offer you further meters for other water parameters on request. The analysis of water quality by means of compact meters is becoming increasingly important. This includes the quality analysis of potable water, industrial water and other sewage.

Data Loggers

A data logger is a processor controlled storage unit which measures and records data over a certain period of time, or in relation to a location. A data logger operates via either built in instrument or sensor, or via external instruments and sensors.

We also offer Windows software to be used with a data logger. It is very easy to establish diverse parameters in the data recorder. A data sampler logs 100 different series and offers the possibility to gather results over a long period of time.

Vibration Analyser

A vibration analyser is used in inspection, manufacturing and production, and the laboratory. The vibration analyser is used to measure vibrations and oscillations in many machines and installations, as well as in the development of products such as tools or components. Measurements of the vibration analyser provide the following parameters: vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement. In this way the vibration is recorded with great precision. The vibration analyser is a portable device and its readings can be stored and retrieved for later use.

Temperature Meter

At PCE you will find both a contact and non-contact temperature meter for measuring and recording temperature. There is a temperature meter to measure different temperature ranges between -200 and 1767ºC. Measurement of temperature is done in many different sectors. We also offer a temperature meter that can indicate temperature in ºC, K (Kelvin) and ºF, as well as another that is water resistant.


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