PD Blowers Ltd

PD Blowers is a company whose 'core' business is the supply of top quality package blowers and exhausters. Our extensive experience in our specialised field ensures:

Quality, Performance, Reliability & Competitive Pricing

Main Area of Supply are:
Package Blowers and Exhausters
with capacities from 1 - 230 m3/min
Pressures up to 1000 mbg
Vacuum down to 500 mbg

Principal Areas of Activities:
Water & Sewage Treatment Aeration Blowers
Blowers for Lean Conveying System
Exhausters for Lean Phase Vacuum
Conveying Systems

Units Comprising:
Oil Free Roots Type Air Blowers
Electric Motors
Vee Belt Drive
Intake and Discharge Silencers
Filter Restriction Indicator
Non Return Valves
Relief Valves

All mounted on a substantial Base Plate and contained within an acoustic enclosure, which reduces the Noise Level to 75 - 80 DBA measured under Free Field Conditions.

Service & Spares:
A full after sales service is available with both on and off site possibilities.

PD Blowers Ltd Overview