PD Components Ltd

We are design engineering consultants providing professional bespoke solutions for new product design and development.

We provide concept design through to production and include production engineering and cost analysis right at the start of the project, minimising post design changes.

We consider it important to fully understand the application of the design and to capture the client and end users expectations and working directly with you, we are able to ensure continuity during its development to produce something that little bit special.

Each design is reviewed and issues quickly resolved.  The same procedure is undertaken when the design is ready for manufacture.  The supplying factories all have an input into the design which we manage, incorporating requested changes that reduce process risk and cost implications.

Each component part is fully detailed and we also include traditional 2D drawings and assemblies with parts lists and manufacturing instructions where required.

We undertake designs using 3D CAD providing realistic renderings of the concept.  The design files are used to produce a prototype which we are happy to supply.  We can supply prototypes using rapid prototype techniques as SLA, SLS or traditional methods. We do prefer CNC from solid materials as we find these very robust and more representative of the production component and can be used for physical testing.  Typical turn-around for prototypes is 5-7 days.

As well as 3D CAD design we also provide;

  • Prototyping Service
  • Concept Visualisation, rendering
  • Component Design, design for manufacture
  • Electronic and Software design (via our partners)
  • Project management
  • Media and Graphic Design
  • Packaging

We are one of the very few consultancies who actually manufacture and supply the product and component parts in medium to high volume.  Please refer to our other pages.


We provide mouldings by a number of processes such as rotational moulding, blow moulding, vacuum and high pressure forming, but the most popular is injection moulding.

We have many years experience in designing and manufacturing moulded components and cover 2 shot, 3 shot and overmoulding as well as low to high volume manufacture.

We design complete systems and each component part within, offering short lead times for tooling nominally 30 days subject to complexity and 10 days to production after sample approval.  Mouldings occasionally demand severe service or high accuracy or tolerances which we would be happy to advise on.

Assembly by snaps, HF and ultra-sonic welding, chemical welding and adhesives can also be provided.

If you have any requirements we would love to hear from you.


There are a number of production processes for cast metal components.

We offer castings in most materials, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, brass and their alloys.

These may be produced by precision sand casting, investment (lost wax) casting gravity die and high pressure die casting and metal injection moulding (MIM)

The parts may be supplied simply cleaned or full machined by CNC to your requirements.

Typical components are bearing housings, chassis, structural brackets and joints, decorative parts.

We can provide various finishes and surface textures.



We also have significant expertise with the design and production of extrusions such as aluminium and plastic extrusions. Traditionally used for decorative or structural parts, our aluminium extrusions are supplied to meet the most unique and complex requirements. .

As well as aluminium extrusions, we also provide heat sinks in aluminium with or without embedded copper. Certain heat sinks can be extruded entirely in copper.



Many products require bespoke pressings.  These may be tiny formed contacts to larger stamped parts.

These might extend to dish shaped features or tags formed on components.  The parts may be electrical contacts in flat form or hollow pin and tube connections as used in electrical connections.

Most electrical contacts use either copper or brass or phosphor bronze with various plated finishes.

Spring contacts are quite common and we also manufacture conventional helical springs in wire to specific ratings.

CNC Machining

We provide solutions for all of your machining needs. Our comprehensive service includes CNC machining of small/medium volume manufacture and includes precision grinding, EDM and chemical milling.

We utilise the latest technology using CAD/CAM processes from 3D data as well as conventional methods.


CNC Machining


Further to our mechanical manufacturing, we also provide numerous electronics services such as PCB manufacture and Assembly.  We provide cost effective manufacture of single/double sided and multi-layer PCB including testing.

We produce PCB Assembly and related components using both conventional mount and surface mount devices or a combination of both. We provide components individually or assembled including simple mechanical sub-assembly through to electronics integration and testing.

Wring assemblies and harnesses can also be provided.



Whether we manufacture in the UK, EU or Far East, we can schedule production with all the factories involved to provide scheduled deliveries direct to your nominated address worldwide.

We will manage the importation process and inland forwarding and advise the optimum production volume and delivery schedules to minimise expense.

Whether a small consignment to a full container load, we manage and track your shipment until it arrives safely.

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